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Text messages are opened and read within 4 mins, compared to 48 hours with emails

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SMS is used by 85% of mobile phone users (5 Billion people)

To put this into perspective let’s think about how big is 5.0 billion?

  • Compared to total email users – SMS is three times bigger.
  • Compared to all landline telephones? SMS is 4 times bigger.
  • Compared to Facebook? Over 5 times bigger.

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The primary use worldwide of mobile handsets is SMS

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So what do we do on our mobile phones? Last year marked a major milestone in the ‘mobile’ industry, where the primary use of the mobile handset is no longer voice calls. The primary use worldwide – and the one with most users today – is SMS text messaging.

SMS text messaging is used by 85% of mobile phone users (5.0 Billion people)  vs voice calls that are only used by 83% of mobile phone users (4.9 Billion people). Apps and mobile web come far lower on our list of preferences. And its good to see that even the USA is finally embracing SMS wholeheartedly. Pew reported in 2011 that the active user level of SMS text messaging had reached 88% of US cellphone owners. That compares to 90% in Pakistan, 91% in Brazil, 91% in China, 96% in Indonesia. Most of Europe has passed the 90% user level years ago for SMS text messaging.

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