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How will you build your mobile community?

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Text messaging is the most direct way to stay in touch with your customers. Text messaging is a very personal method of communication because you can reach your customers no matter where they are or what they are doing. To build the most successful mobile marketing campaign possible, you must focus on collecting mobile numbers….the question is how will you get these numbers from your clients and customers?

Think about…..

– Who’s interested in learning the latest news, specials, deals, discounts, solutions, and events being offered by your business?

– Who stands to benefit by getting messages from you that are fast, timely and relevant?

– Clever ways you could collect mobile numbers  by creating a campaign that is in the best interest of your target audience.

– Exciting ways to provide value for your loyal clients. For example, why not create an incentive referral program, for example when current clients refer a new client’s mobile number to you, provide a reward .

Remember anyone who can benefit from your business should be part of your mobile community.

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SMileS Customer Case Study: Alexandra House Spa

Alexandra House Spa became a SMileS customer back in 2009. The spa already had a large database (1200 people) so they already had all the details needed to set up SMS Campaigns and customers were happy to opt in to receive texts. The Spa use our SMileS portal to inform customers about upcoming offers and promotions on treatments, events the Spa is hosting, inform customers of discounted appointments and to fill up any spare appointments they may have available. This method has proved to be a great success for Maxine as she can use the system as and when she pleases as the portal is online and straightforward to use which means she can easily operate it herself.

Maxine Stead, Owner of Alexandra House Spa said

“SMileS have been a great SMS provider for the spa – on the few occasions when we have spare appointments in the diary we text some of our clients with a very special last minute offer and we always get an immediate response and generally fill most of the appointments. It’s great value for money.

Our customers sign up to the text service when they complete the consultation form on their first visit. We also advertise it in our newsletters. They love getting a special offer and they seem to feel like it’s an added bonus when it’s a good price and also its last minute so it seems like an extra special treat. Generally the phone starts ringing as soon as the text has been sent!”

2012 will be mobile tipping point

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A Sears executive at the Mobile First Look Strategy 2012 conference yesterday said 7 out of 10 smartphone owners have either shopped or browsed on their mobile device, proving that mobile is an opportunity for retailers to drive sales.

Mobile is changing constantly and marketing strategies need to adapt to that.

“Customers want the best of both worlds, they want all the pluses you get out of digital and the ability to socialize. They also want to see the best of the physical world – the ability to touch. That’s what mass merchants and retailers need to do – bring those two things together” said Imran Jooma, president of ecommerce at Sears.

Changing world

Mobile is changing and marketers and retailers need to embrace technology.

“The mobile device serves as a glue to bring in the physical and digital world together, we must elevate the experience ” Mr. Jooma said.

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Current state of Social Media

Social Media has become a much more powerful marketing tool with the development of Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and You tube which gives businesses another channel of communication which they can use to reach out to their target audience and marketing their products and services.

However, many SME’s don’t recognize that even if your not a big brand social media is still a very influential tool for communicating your marketing message to your target audience. The main advantage of social media is the large quantity of people you can access from having a Facebook page to people following you on Twitter. To stress this point please take a look at the infograph below sourced from ‘One Lily Creative Agency’ which identifies just how many people (potential customers) are actively using social media sites, which stresses the important for businesses to use social media sites as part of their marketing activities.

'Current State of Social Media' sourced from 'One Lily Creative Agency'

SMS marketing gives campaigns that added power

Article sourced from; ‘Mobile Marketing Magazine’

As the mobile industry comes of age and becomes more sophisticated, it’s widely predicted that more companies will choose to spend a larger percentage of their marketing budget on mobile advertising and applications. At this point, the benefits of SMS become clear; campaigns need to leverage the power and reach of SMS, using it to support their overall marketing strategies, using messaging as the main means of driving customers to the internet.

This view was echoed by some of the world’s biggest brands at the latest Mobile Marketing Association Forum in Singapore. Gavin Mehrotra, director of International media for the Coca-Cola Company, started his presentation stating categorically that: “SMS is the number 1 priority at Coca-Cola in mobile” and that you need it to reach just about every person on the planet. That’s quite a statement from someone working for probably the best-known brand in the world.

We also know that SMS gives a campaign the added power to communicate with your target customer and build on the relationship you have with them, based on permission and trust. Adding SMS to a campaign allows consumers to text for more information, so the follow-up is able to become more targeted; we have seen this work in every sector.

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