I love texting – but there is a time and a place

We are all getting to realise the benefits of the humble text message.

It is a great way of keeping in touch with friends, family, customers, pupils and so on.  But there is a time and a place to be sending them.  You need to consider the person you are sending it too, is it inconvenient for them to receive it?  But more importantly, we need to consider when it is appropriate for us to be sending one.

When you are sitting with a friend and in deep conversation, is sending a text to another friend the right time to be doing it?  How does it make the friend you are with feel?  If it is an important text then I am sure they will understand.  If not, perhaps it may make them feel unimportant.  Is it that urgent to send right now?

But a time when it really is inappropriate is when you are driving.  I saw a trailer for a video made by Tredegar Comprehensive School and Gwent Police.  The full video is an half hour drama entitled ‘COW’ –The film that will stop you from texting and driving” with SPECIAL EFFECTS BY ZIPLINE CREATIVE http://www.ziplinecreative.co.uk

The following is a link to the trailer video and if you know anyone who is learning to drive or recently passed their test, please make sure they watch it.  The Film That Will Stop You From Texting And Driving

It is very sad, but it is very realistic and very worthwhile watching.  See what you think and spread the word.

Sorry for the seriousness of this post but saving lives is a worthy cause.


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