Skill Will returns to Huddersfield – do you know what it is – are you able to help – or are you looking for some help?

whatshotSkill Will is a Social Enterprise offering between business, public, charity and social enterprise sectors with the opportunity to meet, connect and support each other through partnership opportunities and programmes.

Skill Will aims to bring together those that would like to help but not sure who needs their help, with those that need some help but are not sure to ask.

Skill Will isn’t about money, rather about what you can do to help with your skills, resources, experience or even just volunteering time. It has helped many people find opportunities for them to make a difference and conversely given many charities and 3rd sector groups some fantastic help and solutions to problems. Sometimes some friendly advice or an ear leant for a sounding board is just what is required.

Ultimately, Skill Will means: less charities and social enterprises struggling, better skills and more value for good causes, better communities where we all work and live. We only have to turn on our TV’s to know how much we need a strong initiative and how it’s incumbent on all of us to do what we can, where we can and how we can. Skill Will enables and facilitates YOUR involvement. Give what you’re good at, give what you do, give what you enjoy. All you have to do is come along.

We’ve all heard the phrase “I wish someone would do something…” Well, this is it. The someone is you.

Where: Main Hall, Huddersfield Town Hall, Ramsden Street, Huddersfield, HD1 2TA
When: 29th April 6pm onwards
Entry: Free

Thank you and hope to see you there.

Register here

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