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Mobile ads haven’t discouraged mobile users from being receptive to a good deal served up via sms

Article sourced from Mobile Marketing Watch.

According to the latest data presented by YouGov (check out the infographic below), a survey on SMS and mobile phone marketing showed the following:

  • 65% of people like offers on their mobile phones
  • 75% of smartphone users prefer receiving offers via SMS
  • 83% would prefer to receive no more than two offer per month

SMileS Comment: 

Some people have negative perceptions about SMS Marketing, but it seems that the customers themselves like being communicated to via SMS so what’s stopping you? If you’re concerned about the fact that your message may be regarded as spam or unsolicited you can easily overcome this issue by ensuring you go to a reputable SMS provider, like ourselves, who will ensure that your campaigns are legit and fit the appropriate guidelines according to the likes of the Mobile Marketing Association and OFcom. 

If the facts and figures from the YouGov Survey have got you thinking about how you could use SMS as an effective tool of communication why not contact us and we can help you start SMS Marketing today! 

Infographic: SMS Marketing VS Email Marketing

Infographic Sourced from Tatango

There are four key SMS marketing statistics which support SMS Marketing over Email Marketing.

  1. Did you know 90% of all emails are spam? Compare that to only 1% of text messages.
  2. Did you know that only 34% of people use their mobile phones to email? Compare that to 72% of people who use text messaging on their mobile phones.
  3. Did you know that only 22% of all emails are opened? Compare that to 98% of text messages.
  4. Did you know the average person receives 1,216 emails per month? Compare that to only 178 text messages.

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How are Smartphone users using their mobile phones?

SMileS Comment: 

This infographic was sourced from the team at Tatango compiled data from the  Pew Research Centre Internet & American Life Project to understand more about how mobile phone users use their devices. From analysis of this research they created this infographic which we feel supports the idea of using SMS marketing above email marketing to communicate with your customers, as it identifies that your customer is more likely to read a text message than open an email via their mobile device.  Therefore, surely it makes more sense to use SMS marketing as there’s a higher percentage of it being read simply because its the most popular feature on the users phone whereas there’s a lower percentage an email would be read. Overall, you want your message to be communicated effectively to your target market, SMS is the fastest way to achieve this.