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Ladies 4 Networking Huddersfield

As a company we attend many different networking events as we find that much of our business is built on referrals and therefore, networking events are key to create new contacts. As a team we try to attend a variety of different networking groups so we can assess which works best for generating businesses. Whilst it is good to attend networking events to strengthen our relationship with existing contacts we find it just as vital to get out their and meet new people.

Therefore, when I joined the SMileS team it was the perfect opportunity for us to attend a new networking group – Ladies 4 Networking Huddersfield in Milnsbridge at Temujin. This event is specific for ladies in business only and starts with informal networking from 11.15am, then it moves on to the restaurant where we enjoy a stir fry lunch whilst 2 ladies from the group act as guest speakers. Once the speakers have finished there is a unique network shuffle which allows each person on a table chance to do a 1 minute pitch about their business and to let the ladies in the group know the type on contacts they are looking to connect with. This is a great part of the event as it ensures that everyone gets a chance to meet and helps encourage the ladies to do business.

The two guest speakers at this months meet up were Heidi Dawson from Success Unbridled and Clare Walters from Absolute Specialists & Dovetail Divorce Solutions Ltd.

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Business Profile: David Johnston (Temujin)

First Job? Bar assistant for an outside catering company (Gliding Gourmet)
Current Job Position?  MD Temujin Restaurants
Best thing about your job?  Meeting people and the challenge to succeed in a very difficult economic environment
Worst thing about your Job? Pushing paper
Favourite Restaurant in Huddersfield?  The Temujin, Milnsbridge (of course)
Your best achievement?  Creating Temujin as I had no idea how things worked in this part of the world
Interest and Hobbies? Mountain biking, flying, skiing, travel
What do you value most about being a member of a networking group? The support 
Linked In


David Johnston



Age: 45

Lives in: SowerbyBridge

Born In: Zimbabwe

Previous Jobs: Paper round, round Kilimanjaro! Sky dive drop pilot, full flying instructor, bush pilot, computer systems operator for stock brokers in London


Born in Zimbabwe where I had 2 restaurants but felt the need to leave in the late 90’s due to the political unrest there.

I have worked in the catering industry for many years. I am able to turn my hand to any thing and do believe every thing is achievable. There is no such thing as failure in my eyes only results and I like to make things work. I have plenty of passion for life as well as in what I am doing. I also understand the importance of flexible thinking, not putting hurdles in my way and thinking outside the box. I love new challenges, positive people and am always keen to learn, try new things and push my envelope.

I have 16 years of running my own restaurant business. 7 years in Zimbabwe and 13 years in the UK where there was an over lap of time whilst I exited Zimbabwe in the late 90’s and early 2000’s giving me experience in not only running two businesses at the same time but 3 restaurants stranding over 2 continents. The flexibility required in adapting to different cultures, systems, laws and by laws has been a brilliant learning and gives me the ability work in almost any environment.

Temujin Restaurants

Put simply we are specialist in healthy Stir-fry. It is an extremely exciting, healthy, entertaining and a unique eating experience. The main course is the main feature in the restaurants where you may go up to the fridge display (as many times as you wish) and combine either a meat, ranging from crocodile to chicken, seafood, New Zealand green lipped mussels among them, or a protein, tofu or quorn, with a massive variety of vegetables. Hand your selection over to the chef who will stir-fry it, using oils, sauces and garnishes, right before your eyes. The choices are endless! We have a wide range of great starters and dessert which can be chosen from the menu, majority of them being home made and are prepared in the kitchen and bought to your table.

At present we have two restaurants. Temujin SowerbyBridge restaurant is on the 1st Floor of a regenerated warehouse overlooking the very scenic narrow boat mooring area in the beautiful canal basin and Temujin, Milnsbridge, is located in a beautiful old works unit, showing off all its wonderful Yorkshire stone, supporting beams and wood work, making a great setting for the restaurant and spacious, plush bar.

Goals: I am working towards franchising the restaurants to create the best, branded, stir-fry and healthy eating catering company in the UK, to be recognized for providing great food, entertainment and fast, efficient friendly service. To arrive there I would like to create a prosperous, strong, catering company by providing unique, healthy, consistent and exciting eating experiences to all my clients in the form of restaurants, takeaways, outside catering and event catering using the Stir-fry concept.

Hobbies: My enjoyment time is spent mountain biking and I have a professional (Commercial) Zimbabwean pilots license which I keep current with the intention of using extensively in future years for holidays, general travel and exploration within central Africa.

SMileS attend Ladies 4 Networking event @Temujin

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Yesterday, I attended a great event which was recommended to me by Jane Mellor (Efficient PA) who I met at another networking event ‘MYnetwork’ last week. I’m very new to networking as I’ve just started a marketing placement at ‘ME Consultancy Ltd’; this event was a great introduction into networking as it’s informal and friendly. It’s strictly women only and is a great way to meet ladies from the local area who either own their own business or work in various different industries. It’s also a great event for individuals wanting to network for a specific purpose as in your 1 minute slot you can inform people of what you’re looking for, for example; looking for people with contacts in the beauty industry to stock a new range of products. To follow events and to get more information about ‘Ladies 4 Networking Huddersfield) you can find them on Linked In. Please read the rest of this post if you want to know more about the format of this networking event meet up. I would also suggest anyone going along to the event to take plenty of business cards and various promotional materials they may have to help ensure that people remember your business and can get in contact with you.

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Great networking event at Temujin

On Tuesday 19th Jan 2010 SMileS attended a networking event hosted by Temujin at its Sowerby Bridge restaurant. Temujin front man David Johnson was a brilliant host and engineered a tasteful event, where sample of business products and food were in equal quantities.

Andy attended on behalf of SMileS and took some photos of the event.

Ruth Milner of Work-Life Health ran a quiz for which the winner was Peta Gelder – so congrats to her.

Ruth asked if we’d mention the event below – pleased to oblige.

Did you know that there are 10,000 taste-buds in your mouth? I’m sure many of them came alive at Temujin! Taste-buds send messages in an instant to your brain about what you’re eating- so you know if it’s sweet or sour, salty or bitter.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get instant messages (not SMS) about the preferences of potential customers, employees and contacts?
So you’d know how to treat others the way they want to be treated to get the best out of all your business and personal relationships…

Well you can! Find out how!

We’d like to offer you a free ‘taster session’ on Thursday 18th February if you’re curious find out more about The Platinum Rule.

Please contact Ruth on 07811 745172 / 01422 311711 or email

“This is the priceless key to unlocking the door to empowerment, productivity and all business and personal relationships. It is simply the most important leadership concept I have learned in all of my life!”
Denis Waitley, Author, Empires of the Mind and The Psychology of Winning

PS: If you want to receive instant text messages about customer preferences, use one of our keywords for people to text their preferences to; eg text ‘smiles sweet’ or ‘smiles sour’ to 67777.