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Want your company logo to feature in a patchwork which is travelling all the way to the North Pole with Geoff Major?

I know it wasn’t too long ago that our blog featured a blog post about Geoff Major and his ‘North Pole Trek’ but here at SMileS we think he’s doing a great thing for charity so this blog post is another shout out to help Geoff with all his fundraising efforts! And it could even be of interest to you!

Many of you will already be aware of Geoff’s trek but for those who don’t here are the key points you need to know;

Geoff will be trekking to the North Pole in a group of 8 to raise £100,000 for charity.

– The 10 chosen charities Geoff is raising money for are Jane Tomlinson Appeal, Heart Research UK, Candlelighters, Yorkshire Air Ambulance and Yorkshire Cancer Research as well as (national charities with local ties) Help for Heroes, MacMillan Nurses, Muscular Dystrophy Org, the Samaritans and the Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Geoff is funding the £25 000 cost of his participation on the Trek but the rest of the money he must raise through PR & Marketing leverage. Geoff is doing all the chasing, talking, visits, driving PR, e-mailing.

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Current state of Social Media

Social Media has become a much more powerful marketing tool with the development of Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and You tube which gives businesses another channel of communication which they can use to reach out to their target audience and marketing their products and services.

However, many SME’s don’t recognize that even if your not a big brand social media is still a very influential tool for communicating your marketing message to your target audience. The main advantage of social media is the large quantity of people you can access from having a Facebook page to people following you on Twitter. To stress this point please take a look at the infograph below sourced from ‘One Lily Creative Agency’ which identifies just how many people (potential customers) are actively using social media sites, which stresses the important for businesses to use social media sites as part of their marketing activities.

'Current State of Social Media' sourced from 'One Lily Creative Agency'

Ready Steady Marketing

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The Yorkshire Mafia group got together and hosted the ‘Ready Steady Marketing’ event in aid of the ‘Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice’. It was held at the George Hotel, Huddersfield on the 12th July. The event including a marketing activity; 2 marketing teams where given a live case study for the FMN trust and they developed a marketing plan that will help the trust achieve its objectives. After the 2 marketing teams had gone head to head with their ideas there was a auction and raffle. The prices being auctioned off where all donated from local business that are part of the Yorkshire Mafia. The Yorkshire mafia is all about getting local business working together to create business within the local area. They put together this event in aid of the FMN trust who has decided to rebrand their charity name from ‘Forget Me Not Trust’ to the ‘Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice’. The event was very beneficial for the FMN trust as it gave them a load of new marketing idea which they can implement to raise awareness of their new charity name and also to help them raise more money as their daily target has increased to £7,000 a day.

At the Ready Steady Marketing event SMileS auctioned off a bulk package which included; a 12 month keyword (value £300), 1000 text messages (value £60), 2 hours management time (value £40). The winning bid was won by Steve Bradley and went for £100 but he pledge a bid of £150  and overall by the end of the evening £1,680 was raised in total with only a 1/3 of the prizes being auctioned off. The rest of the auction prizes have been auctioned off through the Yorkshire Mafia website so even the overall figure should be even bigger.

Here, at ME Consultancy we are heavily involved with the Yorkshire Mafia; we attend a lot of their networking events and are even a partner of our own networking club called ‘MyNetwork’ – MY stands for Mid Yorkshire. The Yorkshire mafia is a great asset to the local business as it helps us all get together to network at a variety of different events; it is very beneficial as it has created a network of contacts and also helps you meet new contacts through recommendations from other members. This Yorkshire mafia event was very different from the usual networking events that they host .From the success of this event it looks like there going to be many more with talks of follow up event in 6-9 months time to see how the strategies from the marketing plan have been implemented and what the money raised contributed too.

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