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Geoff Major’s 2014 charity adventure ‘129 Club’

Artwork designed by Rushfirth Creative –

Geoff Major’s 2014 charity adventure idea needs professional 3rd party support to project plan it, risk assess the route, validate the proposed route, support the 174 other people required to take part in it, and build a multi-channel PR campaign, all capable of delivering £100 000 for charity.

Geoff’s first step is to get 129 companies to sponsor the planning of the event, with an investment of just £129 each. All money will be managed through an accountancy company. In return there are a series of benefits for the companies (or individuals) involved, including: –

a) Their company logo (or symbol, or photograph of a loved one) on each top to be worn by 7 people as part of the final leg of a world-first journey. All 129 logo’s will be featured on each top.

b) The same logo (or symbol or photograph) on a stand at the north of England’s biggest business conference and exhibition; the Yorkshire Mafia Conference 2013 at the Royal Armouries in Leeds.

c) Logo (or similar) to be featured in every PR release and be promoted to the fore in 2 of the PR release, along with 4 others per PR release.

d) 12 free places to take part in the final leg of the adventure; that’s a 1:11 chance to win a seat that would cost you £500, and will have significant press coverage.

e) 3 lucky ‘129 Club’ members will have their logo published in a paper or magazine article; winners to be picked at random.

SMileS SMS are part of the ‘129 Club’ and look forward to helping Geoff with his 2014 charity challenge. 

If you want to know more about Geoff’s charity adventures please visit his Blog or follow him on Twitter.  

Geoff Major’s Charity North Pole Trek Flag revealed!

We are proud to be #ontheflag going with Geoff Major on his North Pole Trek. The fantastic flag was design by Rushfirth Creative and represents £5,000 of donations by companies and individuals. The flag will be going all the way to the North Pole with Geoff and once Geoff has completed his North Pole Trek the flag will be raffled off and one of the entrants #ontheflag will win it to keep as their own.  The flag will also be displayed at the upcoming Yorkshire Mafia Conference where Geoff is exhibiting to increase awareness of his trek and encourage donations.

Visit Geoff Major’s blog to read all about his upcoming trek – Have I really signed-up for this? 

You can support and help Geoff reach his fundraising total by donating on

Geoff Major’s fundraising event at Harrogate Bar & Grill on 3/11 to raise funds for his ‘North Pole Trek’

As you may have seen on a previous blog post SMileS is actively helping Geoff Major with his fundraising efforts for his ‘North Pole Trek’. Geoff sent us the below email telling the SMileS team all about how his fundraising is going and what he’s been upto. 

Dear lovely people

Well I raced to £10 000 collected and committed overall, but July-September inclusive has raised about £250 so I’m focusing my efforts on 5 things January-March 2012 …. except I’d like to fill all 80 seats at Harrogate restaurant Bar & Gril on the night of Thursday 3rd November.

If you are interested in attending and supporting the charities I’m fundraising for, please let me know and please can you forward this to any of your friends who may also be interested. All attendees will be getting a great deal for their money thanks to the kindness of the Individual Restaurant Company (owners of RB&G amongst others).

I’ll be looking to fill as many seats as I can as well. I sold 65 tickets all by myself for the event at Zinc in Manchester and I’ll be darned if 2011 is going to end like a damp squib!!

My training is into a new phase where miles wearing the new winter training gear is the key and my first group training event is next weekend on Dartmoor, soon to be followed by my first attempt to drag the sled weight for 9 miles a day 8 days in a row at the end of November.

The children’s cancer charity Candlelighters have already sold a handful and are turning out in ‘charity’ colours; let’s make it a truly colorful event.

Thanks and the dream of £100 000 isn’t dead yet and nor will I be if I continue to increasingly dedicate myself to training (much to my girlfriends’ delight and relief).


If your interested in attending any events Geoff is holding to helping raise funds for his trek then make sure you keep up-to-date by following him on Twitter @northpoletrek.

Take a look at this poster to find out all the details you need to know about Geoff’s next event at Harrogate Bar & Grill poster designed by Howard Rushfirth. SMileS highly recommend Rushfirth Creative they do fantastic designs and are very good at meeting your deign requirements…. please take a look at their website to see more of Rushfirth Creative design work.

Capital FM shout out to Geoff Major

Capital FM kindly did a text shout out about Geoff Major’s Trek to the North Pole to help raise awareness of Geoff’s charity work. Here is the shout out and text message we received….thank you Capital. 

“Hirsty here at SMileS SMS, we are fully behind Geoff and have assigned some of our staff to raise awareness for him. I’ve already been subjected to some tyre pulling in Huddersfield, so I understand how hard it is. Good Luck Geoff “

Geoff’s tweets in response to Hirsty’s shout out’s on Capital FM;

If you’ve a few minutes plz text in to Hirsty’s Daily Dose on Capital FM – just mentioned me pulling tyres & people thinking I’m a nutter

twitter @northpoletrek Geoff Major

 Feel free to express your own opinion about the ‘nutter’ bit. Text number is 83958 and you have to start the text with ‘Hirsty’

twitter @northpoletrek Geoff Major

If your interested in Geoff’s charity work and would like to make a donation, find out more about his cause or help increase awareness of his trek please visit;

Geoff Major’s trek to the North Pole

Businessman turned adventurer Geoff Major is embarking on an extraordinary expedition – braving polar bears, thin ice and temperatures of -35°C on his way to the North Pole. All this to raise £100,000 for charity. Here are the 4 facts you need to know about his trek to the North Pole. And you can follow Geoff’s ‘North Pole Trek’ on ‘Twitter’ @northpoletrek  & on his ‘Blog’.

1. Geoff will be part of a group of up to 8 individuals all trying to raise money for charities of their choice. There will be a professional trek lead to manage us all and he’ll have a flare gun to scare polar bears away with.

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