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With the rise of smartphones comes an increase in m-commerce activities

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BuzzCity, has today issued its latest quarterly report on the current trends dominating the mobile advertising industry.

One of the key findings has been the rise of the smartphone – smartphones now account for more than 32% of the phones that ads are served to.

According to BuzzCity’s report, mobile advertising in the UK grew by 157% across the past year, with the UK demonstrating strong growth (23%) during Q1. With increased smartphone adoption showing no signs of slowing down, there will undoubtedly be an impact on increased m-commerce activities.  Based on BuzzCity’s data the UK, United States Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Thailand and South Africa are in a good position for growth.  At least 25% of mobile users in these countries use smartphones and they are very active users, generating more than a billion ads per quarter in each country.

SMileS Comment:

Consumers love the functionality of smartphones as it allows them to stay connected and in contacted no matter where they are or what they are doing. Marketers have started to recognise the opportunity of using mobile marketing to communicate with their customers as it allows for multiple engagement. However, it’s important to ensure that you link marketing activities to mobile marketing. For example, if you wanted to send text messages out to drive customers to new products on your website make sure you have a mobile friendly website so they can easily view your website right from their mobile.

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Ofcom plan to use area codes for local calls to boost numbers

Article sourced from the BBC News.

People in parts of the UK will have to dial the area code for local phone calls from next year.

Telecoms regulator Ofcom is introducing the change to boost the supply of spare numbers in areas where they are scarce.

Bournemouth is set to be the first town to pilot the system from the middle of next year, before it is likely to be extended to Brighton, Aberdeen, Milton Keynes, Bradford and Cambridge by 2016.

People will not be charged any more for calls within the same area code.

Currently, it is not necessary to use the area code when making a local call anywhere in the UK.

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UK Consumers ‘Prefer brands that use Text Messaging’

 Ocado British consumers value brands that use text messaging to engage with them, according to a survey by business text service provider Esendex. The survey questioned consumers about how they prefer businesses to communicate with them.

Goods-delivery services are improved by text messaging, with 97 per cent of participants saying that they prefer to buy goods from companies who text them with a time and date for their delivery. The survey also found that 87 per cent prefer to deal with businesses who use SMS to remind them of details of their appointments, and 88 per cent of respondents said they would be more likely to attend an appointment if they received a reminder via text message.

Geoff Love, marketing director at Esendex says: “Mobile consumers represent an intriguing target for UK marketers, particularly as technology and behaviours are constantly shifting. With there now being more mobile phones than consumers in the UK, more and more marketers are beginning to realise that SMS is quite possibly the most cost-effective mobile communication tool that enables them to talk directly to their customers.”

Just under 50 per cent of participants said they would be willing to pay the standard text message charge for certain items, such as travel tickets, to receive updates.