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Public spammed by unsolicited spam messages

A recent BBC article highlighted the importance of ensuring you choose a reliable SMS provider. Please see our previous blog post to read this BBC article.

Mobile marketing has become a desirable channel of communication for businesses to contact their target markets. Many companies send texts legitimately by using a  reputable SMS provider and the texts you receive from them will be ones you have agreed to receive. However, there are some companies that are sending unsolicited texts by buying mobile number data, some unreliable SMS providers will sell on the contact data you have collected on to database companies.

If you are a victim of unsolicited texts the best advice is to ensure that in future you are careful about giving your mobile number out; read some handy tips for avoiding  unsolicited texts in one of our recent blog posts ‘BBC News – Fines threat for credit text message.’

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BBC News – Fines threat for credit text message

Article sourced from BBC News

Firms face raids and fines of up to £500,000 for sending unsolicited text messages about credit or compensation.

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) said tackling the issue was a “high priority”.

Typical messages claim recipients are entitled to money, promise to write off debts or find a loan, or suggest accident compensation can be claimed. But in many cases, the products they are selling can actually make people financially worse off.

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Ofcom plan to use area codes for local calls to boost numbers

Article sourced from the BBC News.

People in parts of the UK will have to dial the area code for local phone calls from next year.

Telecoms regulator Ofcom is introducing the change to boost the supply of spare numbers in areas where they are scarce.

Bournemouth is set to be the first town to pilot the system from the middle of next year, before it is likely to be extended to Brighton, Aberdeen, Milton Keynes, Bradford and Cambridge by 2016.

People will not be charged any more for calls within the same area code.

Currently, it is not necessary to use the area code when making a local call anywhere in the UK.

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