About SMileS

SMileS SMS – has a range of services based upon SMS technologies. SMS services can be used for all manner of business solutions as a compliment too or an alternative to emails. SMileS software has helped many customers make a real difference with the relationship with their consumers and help improve customer communication, increase loyalty, drive additional sales and increase profitability whilst in many cases also reducing costs. A few example of how our services can be used are; SMS reminders for services, important events etc, a SMS to confirm an order status, a SMS to confirm a taxi booking, or even to confirm your child was not at school.

Customers use their online account to set up an online smiles account, create a customer database, set up their SMS campaign, pick short codes and keywords. The product is an easy to use, online application that helps businesses manage their communications, contacts and costs; enabling you to send messages to the right people, at the right time, at a price that makes you ‘SMileS’.  However, for certain customers who don’t want to run the campaign themselves we also have a management service where we can run your campaigns for you.

To find out more about our products & services visit our official SMileS website or gives us a call on 01484 911 912.

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