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MYNetwork feature in The Huddersfield Examiner

MYNetwork links West Yorkshire businesses

You can also read this article on The Examiner Website.

NETWORKING group based in Huddersfield is combining new technology and tradition to bring businesses together across West Yorkshire.

The Mid Yorkshire Network – which makes use of online communications and old-fashioned face-to-face meetings – began life three years ago under its original name of the Kirklees and Calderdale Business Group.

Following a rebrand last August, the newly-named MYNetwork now has more than 900 members – and continues to grow in numbers.

About half of its members are business people from Huddersfield and Halifax with the rest drawn from surrounding areas.

 The network holds monthly meetings at the Media Centre in Northumberland Street, but also hosts online discussions about business issues with members staying in touch through the LinkedIn site.

SMileS & MEC at Kirklees Business Conference 2011

Yesterday was the long awaited Kirklees Business Conference. We were proud sponsors of the event and the day was a great success for all involved for generating new contacts and generating potential business leads.

On the day we were exhibiting on stands 24 & 25 and joined forces with Code Blue communications to combine our resources and offer a wider range of products and services for our clients. We also exhibited as SMileS SMS – our online SMS platform. We had a great reception from many delegates at the conference with many wanting to learn more about SMS marketing and many had heard of SMileS before.

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As a sponsor of the event we sent out a reminder text to all members who had registered their mobile number for the event, which was a great start of for introducing what we do when people visited our stand. The conference had a brilliant friendly atmosphere, not only did we see many familiar faces but met lots of potential new contacts. We also got a chance to visit some of the great seminars that were running throughout the day including ‘Nicky Pattinson – Show Business Selling’ and ‘Dean Hoyle – A frank Q&A with Kirklees highest profile entrepreneur ‘. In Dean Hoyle’s seminar he answered questions from the audience. Prior to the seminar Danny Mathuru had asked each person attending the seminar to think of a question they wanted to ask; and from this eleven were selected. Within those questions selected was from Mark Evans, the owner of SMileS & MEC. The question he asked Dean was ‘No matter how nicely you try to treat people around you, some people can shock you at how they behave in return. Did this ever worry you, but more importantly, how did you respond?’ Dean’s answer would make your jaw drop, his biggest rival had spoken to all its suppliers and forced them to stop supplying Dean, meaning he lost 70% of his supplies overnight.  Rather than let this get him down, Dean turned the card industry upside down, he employed a team of designers, printers etc all in house meaning he no longer relied on those previous suppliers.  This made Dean’s business very agile and stripped the inflated costs out too.  Dean came back stronger, cheaper and more profitable.  And the rest is history, well done Dean.

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Code Blue and ME Consultancy set for KBC 2011 – Kirklees Business News @examiner

Code Blue and ME Consultancy set for KBC 2011 – Kirklees Business News in @examiner.




TWO communications companies have joined forces for this week’s Kirklees Business Conference.

Specialists in mobile communications, Code Blue Communications have partnered with landline/broadband providers ME Consultancy and will be exhibiting alongside each other at the day-long conference, which takes place on Thursday at Huddersfield’s Galpharm Stadium.

Regulars at the Huddersfield Town Enterprise Academy and the regional Yorkshire Mafia events, the two companies have spotted areas in which they can combine their resources rather than compete.

Mark Evans, managing director of ME Consultancy, said the link-up allowed both companies to offer a wider service, resulting in savings for both companies’ clients.

Russell Goldthorpe, of Code Blue Communications, said: “This event is an important part of our business calendar. We have a UK-wide customer base, but our headquarters is here in Huddersfield and we always enjoy the networking that KBC provide.”

Along with an exhibition, seminars and networking, Kirklees Business Conference will feature speakers including Huddersfield Town chairman Dean Hoyle, paralympic champion Simon Jackson, entrepreneur Kirsty Henshaw, Huddersfield University vice-chancellor Prof Bob Cryan and motivational speaker Nicky Pattinson.

MYnetwork September Meet Up

Today’s Mid Yorkshire Network (MYnetwork) meet up was a great success drawing in lots of familar faces aswell as many new ones. The meetup started at the earlier time of 9am which we thought might reduce the number of members attending the event but there was still a great turnout, and many members even mentioned they liked the 9am time slot.

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The next MYnetwork meet up will be held at the Kirklees Business Conference at 5.30pm. This will be a great chance to wind down from a busy day of networking by having a friendly chat and drink with contacts you’ve met throughout the day and to catch up with fellow MYnetwork members.

As you may have seen in the ‘Mid Yorkshire Network’ Linked In discussion we’ve been running a MYnetwork poll looking into changing the day and venue of meet ups. The two choices were between the 3rd Friday, 12pm at Voda Bar or keep 3rd Wednesday,10am at Media Centre. The poll ended today and ended on a draw with 50% of members voting for changing to Voda Bar and 50% of members voting to keep meetups as they are. Many of the partners were also asking member today what there preference was with many saying they liked to keep the event on a Wednesday as there isn’t many other networking events in Huddersfield that run on a Wednesday. With all this in mind the partners of the MYnetwork will discuss the networking event further and we will let you know when and where the October meet up will take place through Linked In. So please make sure you look out for any MYnetwork meetup updates.


Kirklees Business News – KBC Danny Matharu

Danny Matharu, of Hllrich – Kirklees Business News – Business News – Business from @examiner.

By Kirklees Business Conference Events Director Danny Matharu

HAVING lived in Kirklees practically all my life up until 2008, I had always been based business-wise in Leeds, Bradford and South Yorkshire.

In 2008, I moved my business home to Kirklees and realised that although I knew masses of businesses around Yorkshire, one place I did not know so many was in Kirklees.

After spending some time out and about in our district, I soon realised that it was and still is (in my opinion) the most friendly and open place in which to do business.

From here, I wanted to be able to assist the area in becoming financially stronger.

SMileS cake contribution for FMNCH at the Kirklees Business Conference

As you may have read on previous posts or guessed from our tweets about the Kirklees Business Conference – SMileS (part of ME Consultancy Ltd) are proud  sponsors and exhibitors of the conference. 



Many people and fellow businesses know that every Friday we have #Cake Friday and is a long running tradition in our office. It is where Sara makes home made cakes for the office from our own eggs on site.   Not only does our team look forward to #Cake Friday (we couldn’t think of a better way to finish a busy working week) but it has also proved very popular with our customers. Whenever we have meetings we always find people are asking to come in on a Friday as they’ve heard all about Cake Friday. It has also been a big seller when meeting with potential new customers as it makes them feel more welcome all of which helps establish a good working relationship.

MYnetwork catch up with Ramsdens & Media Centre on #Cake Friday

MYnetwork meet up at Huddersfield Food Festival - Cakes made by Nouveau Cakes













We also take our #Cake Friday theme along to many events we attend as its a great way for people to recognise us as we tweet about it on the run up to the event and it encourages more people to visit our stand. 

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SMileS features in the Huddersfield Examiner ‘KBN’ as a sponsor of the ‘Kirklees Business Conference’

Article sourced from the Examiner; KBC event partners take a bow – Business Columnists – Business from @examiner.

Article in Huddersfield Examiner - 'Kirklees Business News' 09/08/11