The Yorkshire Mafia

YMThe Yorkshire Mafia started as a LinkedIn group, Geoff Shepherd and Sat Mann wanted to get Yorkshire businesses trading more with Yorkshire businesses.  In just a few years the group has grown to over 12,000 members, which is quite amazing considering membership is tightly controlled helping make it Yorkshire’s top business membership group.

As Geoff says “The Yorkshire Mafia brings together executives and stakeholders from the Yorkshire Business Community to meet, network, share experience, learn, build relationships and ultimately trade (where appropriate). This is all done in a relaxed and sales-free environment.”

To find out more about  The Yorkshire Mafia visit their new website; we’re also featured as a sponsor on the website and you can read ’60 Seconds’ with our very own Mark Evans. You can also find them on LinkedInTwitter and Facebook.

We have an exclusive ‘Mafia Offer’ for fellow Mafiosi’s within the Yorkshire Mafia group; if your interested in using SMS software then why not get in touch and find out about the offer on 01484 465160 or email us at

Darren, Natalie and Mark @ The Yorkshire Mafia meeting in Manana Manana

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