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Kirklees Business News – KBC Danny Matharu

Danny Matharu, of Hllrich – Kirklees Business News – Business News – Business from @examiner.

By Kirklees Business Conference Events Director Danny Matharu

HAVING lived in Kirklees practically all my life up until 2008, I had always been based business-wise in Leeds, Bradford and South Yorkshire.

In 2008, I moved my business home to Kirklees and realised that although I knew masses of businesses around Yorkshire, one place I did not know so many was in Kirklees.

After spending some time out and about in our district, I soon realised that it was and still is (in my opinion) the most friendly and open place in which to do business.

From here, I wanted to be able to assist the area in becoming financially stronger.

SMileS features in the Huddersfield Examiner ‘KBN’ as a sponsor of the ‘Kirklees Business Conference’

Article sourced from the Examiner; KBC event partners take a bow – Business Columnists – Business from @examiner.

Article in Huddersfield Examiner - 'Kirklees Business News' 09/08/11

Geoff Major’s trek to the North Pole

Businessman turned adventurer Geoff Major is embarking on an extraordinary expedition – braving polar bears, thin ice and temperatures of -35°C on his way to the North Pole. All this to raise £100,000 for charity. Here are the 4 facts you need to know about his trek to the North Pole. And you can follow Geoff’s ‘North Pole Trek’ on ‘Twitter’ @northpoletrek  & on his ‘Blog’.

1. Geoff will be part of a group of up to 8 individuals all trying to raise money for charities of their choice. There will be a professional trek lead to manage us all and he’ll have a flare gun to scare polar bears away with.

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