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Capital FM shout out to Geoff Major

Capital FM kindly did a text shout out about Geoff Major’s Trek to the North Pole to help raise awareness of Geoff’s charity work. Here is the shout out and text message we received….thank you Capital. 

“Hirsty here at SMileS SMS, we are fully behind Geoff and have assigned some of our staff to raise awareness for him. I’ve already been subjected to some tyre pulling in Huddersfield, so I understand how hard it is. Good Luck Geoff “

Geoff’s tweets in response to Hirsty’s shout out’s on Capital FM;

If you’ve a few minutes plz text in to Hirsty’s Daily Dose on Capital FM – just mentioned me pulling tyres & people thinking I’m a nutter

twitter @northpoletrek Geoff Major

 Feel free to express your own opinion about the ‘nutter’ bit. Text number is 83958 and you have to start the text with ‘Hirsty’

twitter @northpoletrek Geoff Major

If your interested in Geoff’s charity work and would like to make a donation, find out more about his cause or help increase awareness of his trek please visit;