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Five successful cases of how your organisation could use SMS Marketing

Blog post sourced from Business2Community

Researchers estimate that in 2011, some eight trillion SMS messages were sent. In fact, close to 200,000 texts are now transmitted every second. What’s more, the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) reports that virtually all (97%) of SMS messages are opened –and a whopping 83% are opened within the first hour.

If you are wondering how SMS marketing can work for your organisation,here are some of the most successful ways savy marketers are taking advantage of the power of text messaging.

1. Local Marketing. Once you’re equipped with accurate data regarding segmentation, sentiment analysis, etc, you can send customers targeted SMS messaging relevant to local happenings. Customers increasingly expect companies to know what they “like” and what makes them unique. Once you start combining data across channels, you can develop a detailed picture of consumer behavior, so you can specifically tailor your messages with a local, more personalised flair.

2. Event Marketing. A conference, trade show, or other event is an opportunity to implement strategies akin to “hyper-local” marketing. SMS messaging allows you to quickly and conveniently update attendees with agenda alerts, schedule changes, speaker announcements, logistics information, etc.

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