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How to change your settings in order to allow your fans to tag photos on your Facebook Page

Many Facebook users will agree that the ‘photos’ application is the most vital platform for engaging with others on Facebook & is the most popular application. Therefore, when developing our ‘ME Consultancy Ltd’ Facebook page we planned to place emphasis on uploading albums from various events we attend. We felt this would be a great way to create a call for action to our Facebook page and encourage people to like our page. Many bloggers and social media experts place great emphasis on ‘WHY’- why should people like you page? We figured that by offering exclusive pictures from events that this would be our ‘WHY’ platform to like our page. However, after uploading a few albums from recent networking events we attended an issue arised. We found that as a page we could only tag other pages; this was a big issue as now we could no long complete our ‘WHY’ platform strategy. I figured that there had to be a way around this issue so starting researching on social media blog pages which often give great advise on how to use Facebook effectively & I found the solution to solve my tagging issues. On Facebook pages you can change your settings in order to allow people to be tagged in your photos; please read below. This helped solved my problem and has allowed use to implement our ‘WHY’ strategy. Another, way to get around the issue we found was that if you liked the page from your own profile then you can tag your friends in the photos through commenting on the photos. I hope this helps others who are having similar problems to us solve there Facebook issues.

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Photo tagging is a great way to grow the fans of your Page and add engagement for your existing fans. What many people don’t realise is that this currently isn’t set to default for Facebook Pages and it is not as easy to change as you might hope! To allow fans to tag photos on your Page, first go to the ‘Edit’ section of your Page, then click on ‘Apps’ on the left hand side. Scroll down to photos and click on ‘go to app’. You’ll then see the option to change your photo settings, which includes allowing fans both to upload photos and also tag photos. When this is done, why not let your fans know and get them to tag a photo on your Page?