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Keep your customers coming back by using SMS

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Although small business owners are constantly looking for ways to bring in new business you have to remember to look after your loyal customers. These customers are vital to small businesses as they’re the customers who repeatedly purchase your products/use your services which effectively keeps you in business.

Here are a few ways you can use SMS marketing to help establish a good relationship with loyal customers.

Make a personal Connection

Use you customer contact database in your favour to make customers feel special. “People have a basic human need to be acknowledged and recognized,” says Kevin Stirtz. Instead of simply using SMS to send out marketing texts engage with customers on a personal level by sending them texts to thank them for being a loyal customer, to say Happy Birthday or if they haven’t used your product/service in a while send them a text to prompt them to come and visit you. Using texting in this way will strengthen your customer relationships and stop them from going to your competitors as they’ll feel loyalty to using you and only you.

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