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MYnetwork September Meet Up

Today’s Mid Yorkshire Network (MYnetwork) meet up was a great success drawing in lots of familar faces aswell as many new ones. The meetup started at the earlier time of 9am which we thought might reduce the number of members attending the event but there was still a great turnout, and many members even mentioned they liked the 9am time slot.

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The next MYnetwork meet up will be held at the Kirklees Business Conference at 5.30pm. This will be a great chance to wind down from a busy day of networking by having a friendly chat and drink with contacts you’ve met throughout the day and to catch up with fellow MYnetwork members.

As you may have seen in the ‘Mid Yorkshire Network’ Linked In discussion we’ve been running a MYnetwork poll looking into changing the day and venue of meet ups. The two choices were between the 3rd Friday, 12pm at Voda Bar or keep 3rd Wednesday,10am at Media Centre. The poll ended today and ended on a draw with 50% of members voting for changing to Voda Bar and 50% of members voting to keep meetups as they are. Many of the partners were also asking member today what there preference was with many saying they liked to keep the event on a Wednesday as there isn’t many other networking events in Huddersfield that run on a Wednesday. With all this in mind the partners of the MYnetwork will discuss the networking event further and we will let you know when and where the October meet up will take place through Linked In. So please make sure you look out for any MYnetwork meetup updates.