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Business Profile: Clare Walters (Dovetail Divorce Solutions)

Clare Walters - Director of Dovetail Divorce Solutions

Current Job Position?  I am the director of Dovetail Divorce Solutions.
Best thing about your job?  I am part of a movement that is changing the way we get divorced. Instead of approaching it with a fight in mind, we are promoting collaborative divorce where you agree to part amicably and come to mutual agreement about the finances and the arrangements for the children. The reason that I am so passionate about encouraging people to look in to divorcing this way is because it means that you part on good terms and you can stay that way after the legal stuff is over. I call it divorce for grown-ups.
Worst thing about your Job? My part in the proceedings is to support people as they go through the process, helping them to see a positive way forward and this can be hard especially when children are involved: you cannot avoid causing them some upset and disruption but you can minimise the guilt and fear that they feel and you can be aware of the pitfalls and common mistakes that parents make.
Favourite Restaurant in Huddersfield?  On evenings off I like to go to The Foresters in Lower Cumberworth, it is a proper pub with proper locals and it does great beer and good food, on a summer’s evening it is near enough to walk to. What is not to like?
Your best achievement?  Is helping people to feel better, it happens most days and feels equally great each time! We each have a judge in our head that spends a lot of its time putting us down, this does not help us but makes us feel wretched and defensive, anxious and depressed. I get people to realise that we are actually doing the best we can and we have an opportunity to learn from our mistakes, this makes them go easier on themselves. We have to make a conscious decision to take this approach and keep practicing: old habits die hard!
Interest and Hobbies? In my spare time, and there isn’t much of it as I also run a company that trains therapists and coaches in mindfulness techniques, I walk the dog. This may not sound like much but this is a springer spaniel and if you know any you will understand: they are NEVER tired. I also have 4 grown children, three of them in the South of England so I am up and down on the train quite a bit.
What do you value most about being a member of a networking group? I love the connections you can make, once you sit down and really listen to what people do and what they are passionate about there is nearly always somebody you know who can help them.

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