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Benefits of SMS Business Solution

Article sourced from ‘Globitel’

In this section we highlight the main benefits and added value from using the SMS text messaging as a marketing tool for your business.

  1. SMS is Cost-Effective:
    SMS messaging is the cheapest way to communicate with any mobile audience. SMS messaging reduces both money and time of communication. The fact that SMS can be sent out in bulk to large groups of recipients in a manual or automated manner further means that fewer resources are required to action the communication.
  1. Strong Marketing Tool to Targeted Recipients
    Wireless offers a phenomenal opportunity for advertisers

    • They can deliver a message to someone at the exact moment they are positioned to buy.
    • They are able to promote their new products and offers
    • Send out invitations and entice responses within a very short space of time.
  1. Immediate Communication
    Bulk SMS service allows the delivery of text messages to a group of people practically within seconds. Because messages are pushed to the handset by the delivering network’s SMSC and does not relay on the recipient retrieving it from a server, it is an extremely reliable means of getting time-sensitive messages to recipients. Read the rest of this entry