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Mobile data traffic is expected to increase a whopping 18-fold by 2016

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Mobile-connected devices to reach 10B by 2012 

More than 10.3 billion mobile-connected devices will be available by 2016. According to the report, the expected mobile growth will stem from three increasing factors – content, new devices and more sophisticated features.

“It is an enormous opportunity for marketers to increasingly test mobile marketing possibilities, ranging from SMS to full-blown cross-channel campaigns and activities where mobile plays a central role,” said Kevin Petschow, spokesman for Cisco, San Jose, CA.

Mobile mania

Mobile data traffic overall is expected to increase a whopping 18-fold by 2016, showing how consumers are consistently and steadily using their mobile devices more.

For marketers, the data is proof that mobile is a growing channel to target a broad group of consumers.

Additionally, the research proves that carriers and manufacturers need to up their game with increased coverage and Wi-Fi for consumers so that brands have the opportunity to interact with users via mobile marketing.

SMileS Comment: 

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