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SMileS & MEC at Kirklees Business Conference 2011

Yesterday was the long awaited Kirklees Business Conference. We were proud sponsors of the event and the day was a great success for all involved for generating new contacts and generating potential business leads.

On the day we were exhibiting on stands 24 & 25 and joined forces with Code Blue communications to combine our resources and offer a wider range of products and services for our clients. We also exhibited as SMileS SMS – our online SMS platform. We had a great reception from many delegates at the conference with many wanting to learn more about SMS marketing and many had heard of SMileS before.

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As a sponsor of the event we sent out a reminder text to all members who had registered their mobile number for the event, which was a great start of for introducing what we do when people visited our stand. The conference had a brilliant friendly atmosphere, not only did we see many familiar faces but met lots of potential new contacts. We also got a chance to visit some of the great seminars that were running throughout the day including ‘Nicky Pattinson – Show Business Selling’ and ‘Dean Hoyle – A frank Q&A with Kirklees highest profile entrepreneur ‘. In Dean Hoyle’s seminar he answered questions from the audience. Prior to the seminar Danny Mathuru had asked each person attending the seminar to think of a question they wanted to ask; and from this eleven were selected. Within those questions selected was from Mark Evans, the owner of SMileS & MEC. The question he asked Dean was ‘No matter how nicely you try to treat people around you, some people can shock you at how they behave in return. Did this ever worry you, but more importantly, how did you respond?’ Dean’s answer would make your jaw drop, his biggest rival had spoken to all its suppliers and forced them to stop supplying Dean, meaning he lost 70% of his supplies overnight.  Rather than let this get him down, Dean turned the card industry upside down, he employed a team of designers, printers etc all in house meaning he no longer relied on those previous suppliers.  This made Dean’s business very agile and stripped the inflated costs out too.  Dean came back stronger, cheaper and more profitable.  And the rest is history, well done Dean.

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SMileS cake contribution for FMNCH at the Kirklees Business Conference

As you may have read on previous posts or guessed from our tweets about the Kirklees Business Conference – SMileS (part of ME Consultancy Ltd) are proud  sponsors and exhibitors of the conference. 



Many people and fellow businesses know that every Friday we have #Cake Friday and is a long running tradition in our office. It is where Sara makes home made cakes for the office from our own eggs on site.   Not only does our team look forward to #Cake Friday (we couldn’t think of a better way to finish a busy working week) but it has also proved very popular with our customers. Whenever we have meetings we always find people are asking to come in on a Friday as they’ve heard all about Cake Friday. It has also been a big seller when meeting with potential new customers as it makes them feel more welcome all of which helps establish a good working relationship.

MYnetwork catch up with Ramsdens & Media Centre on #Cake Friday

MYnetwork meet up at Huddersfield Food Festival - Cakes made by Nouveau Cakes













We also take our #Cake Friday theme along to many events we attend as its a great way for people to recognise us as we tweet about it on the run up to the event and it encourages more people to visit our stand. 

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Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice – So Much More Than a Football Match


The Forget Me Not Children’s hospice have launched the ‘Much More than a Football Match appeal’. This is great chance for fans to help the hospice raise money through purchasing discounted tickets; which seems like a win win situation for both parties.

Huddersfield Town has given the hospice 2,000 discounted tickets for the game against Stevenage on the 8th October. And as you may have seen in the Examiner last week Town legend Andy Booth has been lending a hand to help encourage thousands of fans to raise funds for the hospice. Not only are town helping the hospice raise money but during half time at this match the keys for the hospice’s new building at Brackenhall will be handed over.

Hospice chief executive Peter Branson added: “We are extremely grateful to Town for their generosity. October 8 will truly be a forget me not moment for the whole community.”

We recently spoke with Kate Golding Partnership Development Manager at Forget Me Not about the appeal, here is what she said ”We have 2000 tickets to sell in total with proceeds going towards the Hospice fundraising efforts moving forward, so every ticket sale matters. The football match is a great opportunity for us as an organisation to prove our credentials as a long term charity partner, so your support in encouraging ticket sales is much appreciated.”

Tickets cost £10 for adults and £5 for under-16s and are available from the hospice’s office at Pennine Business Park in Bradley and the seven hospice shops. For more details about this appeal and purchasing tickets please take a look at the links below….

FMN A5 Town Leaflet            FMN A3 Town Poster

As a company (ME Consultancy Ltd) we’ve been actively involved in the development of the new hospice as we’ve installed the hospice’s new phone lines which has helped them save a great deal of money in the process. Peter Branson’s Twitter comment “Brilliant service from ME Consultancy – BT wanted to charge us £17k for phone connections, ME Consultancy reduced it to just over £1k. Thanks guys!”  We’re happy to have helped the hospice save money which can then be put to better use within the hospice to help them continue the great work they do and their fundraising efforts.  We’ll be there on the day they receive their keys for the new hospice building and can’t wait to see the building.  Below are some photos taken from the Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice Facebook Page showing the development of the new hospice building; to see more photos from this album, visit their Facebook page.

Latest MEC Testimonial’s – ‘Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice’ & ‘The Laura Crane Youth Cancer Trust’

“As Office Manager for the Laura Crane Youth Cancer Trust ME Consultancy have generously supported the charity for several years, so when we decided to look for a new telephone service provider it made sense to approach them first to see if they could help us.

Paul Robertshaw visited our office and went through the savings we could make by changing provider as well as the stages involved and the timescale – all of which were spot on!

Paul organised everything, he kept us informed every step of the way and was on the other end of the phone if needed which was very reassuring. He found the best deal that suited our needs as a charity and spoke confidently about the services available.

I would definitely recommend ME Consultacy. Their professional and friendly service is very refreshing and we are delighted with our new provider and especially the savings we are making!” 

Sarah-Jane Ainley, The Laura Crane Youth Cancer Trust

“Nice to have some good news on a Tuesday: @smilessms have saved us £15k on our phone lines for our hospice, thanks guys!”

twitter @peterbransonfmn Peter Branson, Forget Me Not Trust

How to change your settings in order to allow your fans to tag photos on your Facebook Page

Many Facebook users will agree that the ‘photos’ application is the most vital platform for engaging with others on Facebook & is the most popular application. Therefore, when developing our ‘ME Consultancy Ltd’ Facebook page we planned to place emphasis on uploading albums from various events we attend. We felt this would be a great way to create a call for action to our Facebook page and encourage people to like our page. Many bloggers and social media experts place great emphasis on ‘WHY’- why should people like you page? We figured that by offering exclusive pictures from events that this would be our ‘WHY’ platform to like our page. However, after uploading a few albums from recent networking events we attended an issue arised. We found that as a page we could only tag other pages; this was a big issue as now we could no long complete our ‘WHY’ platform strategy. I figured that there had to be a way around this issue so starting researching on social media blog pages which often give great advise on how to use Facebook effectively & I found the solution to solve my tagging issues. On Facebook pages you can change your settings in order to allow people to be tagged in your photos; please read below. This helped solved my problem and has allowed use to implement our ‘WHY’ strategy. Another, way to get around the issue we found was that if you liked the page from your own profile then you can tag your friends in the photos through commenting on the photos. I hope this helps others who are having similar problems to us solve there Facebook issues.

Follow this Link to read more blog posts from ‘TNW Facebook’.

Photo tagging is a great way to grow the fans of your Page and add engagement for your existing fans. What many people don’t realise is that this currently isn’t set to default for Facebook Pages and it is not as easy to change as you might hope! To allow fans to tag photos on your Page, first go to the ‘Edit’ section of your Page, then click on ‘Apps’ on the left hand side. Scroll down to photos and click on ‘go to app’. You’ll then see the option to change your photo settings, which includes allowing fans both to upload photos and also tag photos. When this is done, why not let your fans know and get them to tag a photo on your Page?

The benefit of using social media as a SMB

Article sourced from ‘eMarketer digital intelligence’. Read the full article here.

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) surveyed in April 2011 by Pitney Bowes rated social media as highly cost-effective and easy to use, rivalling email in its benefits. More than seven in 10 SMBs surveyed by social marketing platform Roost in May said social media was effective as a marketing channel, and nearly 90% thought it was at least somewhat important to their marketing efforts.

“Creating a profile on a social network” was named the most effective marketing or advertising tactic used according to the nearly 5,000 local business owners polled by Merchant Circle in June 2011. Additionally, 34% of respondents in the Deluxe Corp. study who had used social media said it helped them reach new potential customers and 15% said it increased sales.

SMileS Comment;

Me Consultancy Ltd is an example of a SMB using social media to provide us with exposure. Social marketing has been a great networking tool helping us to generating new business and strengthening our relationship with current contacts. Firstly, we developed our ‘Linked In Company profile’ account which is our primary method of networking. SMileS which is ME Consultancy sister company even generated business from an event group on ‘Linked In’ as our SMS Software was used to send out text messages reminders to inform members of group all the relevant information they would need in order to attend the event. This shows how we have used the social media site ‘Linked In’ to network with the right sort of people effectively generating business. Read the rest of this entry

Latest ME Consultancy Testimonial – Geoff Shepherd

“We approached ME Consultancy to set up new Telco and Datacoms for our move from serviced offices into leased space. I don’t feel that at any time we were ever sold anything but rather that we were appropriately advised and guided as to what would work best for us.

As a one-off event the project management of the installation was refreshingly good. However the approach to us as a customer is ongoing and dynamic. Like any small growing business, our needs change regularly and these guys continue to respond to us within minutes. Great customer service. Nice people too.”

Geoff Shepherd, Director at Demanding People and Co-founder of The Yorkshire Mafia

Head over to our official ME Consultancy page  to see more of our testimonials

Ready Steady Marketing

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The Yorkshire Mafia group got together and hosted the ‘Ready Steady Marketing’ event in aid of the ‘Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice’. It was held at the George Hotel, Huddersfield on the 12th July. The event including a marketing activity; 2 marketing teams where given a live case study for the FMN trust and they developed a marketing plan that will help the trust achieve its objectives. After the 2 marketing teams had gone head to head with their ideas there was a auction and raffle. The prices being auctioned off where all donated from local business that are part of the Yorkshire Mafia. The Yorkshire mafia is all about getting local business working together to create business within the local area. They put together this event in aid of the FMN trust who has decided to rebrand their charity name from ‘Forget Me Not Trust’ to the ‘Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice’. The event was very beneficial for the FMN trust as it gave them a load of new marketing idea which they can implement to raise awareness of their new charity name and also to help them raise more money as their daily target has increased to £7,000 a day.

At the Ready Steady Marketing event SMileS auctioned off a bulk package which included; a 12 month keyword (value £300), 1000 text messages (value £60), 2 hours management time (value £40). The winning bid was won by Steve Bradley and went for £100 but he pledge a bid of £150  and overall by the end of the evening £1,680 was raised in total with only a 1/3 of the prizes being auctioned off. The rest of the auction prizes have been auctioned off through the Yorkshire Mafia website so even the overall figure should be even bigger.

Here, at ME Consultancy we are heavily involved with the Yorkshire Mafia; we attend a lot of their networking events and are even a partner of our own networking club called ‘MyNetwork’ – MY stands for Mid Yorkshire. The Yorkshire mafia is a great asset to the local business as it helps us all get together to network at a variety of different events; it is very beneficial as it has created a network of contacts and also helps you meet new contacts through recommendations from other members. This Yorkshire mafia event was very different from the usual networking events that they host .From the success of this event it looks like there going to be many more with talks of follow up event in 6-9 months time to see how the strategies from the marketing plan have been implemented and what the money raised contributed too.

SMileS features in the ‘Business Link’ Magazine

Business Link magazine focus on the happenings of businesses within the Yorkshire & Lincolnshire area. The magazine is published monthly and  they have a webpage where the magazine can be accessed as well (

Business link is a valuable resource for individuals working within the business sector and who live within the area. The magazine generates a list of contacts that the reader can draw upon to build up a network of contacts. It also uses keeps individuals inform with relevant market industry information.

SMileS ran an advertisement in this month’s ‘Business Link’ magazine in the ‘Business Telecommunications’ section. Below is a copy of our advertisement;

MyNetwork – Mid Yorkshire Net

 ‘MYnetwork’ stands for Mid Yorkshire Net; you can find us on Twitter ( and Linked In ( MYnetwork is a friendly and informal network of business people across Calderdale, Kirklees and beyond. My network is sponsored by ‘The Media Centre’, ‘The Mid Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce’, ‘Ramsdens Solicitors LLP’ and lastly us (ME Consultancy Ltd/Smiles). The daytime meetings are often held at Café Ollo in The Media Centre and we provide a SMS reminder service to inform members of all the relevant information people attending the event may need such as start time and date. Evening meetings will usually be held at a local business within the Kirklees or Calderdale area. For example, the next evening event will be held at the launch of the ‘Huddersfield Food Festival’ on the 11/08/11 at 5.30pm.

The overall aim of MyNetwork’ is to strenthen the business community and to get business people together. The whole ethos of the event is to have fun, chat about topics of interest and swap business cards in a friendly and informal environment. We love being a partner of MYnetwork as it helps us meet with potential new customers and it helps generate more business within the area.

 The first event, sponsored by local legal firm Ramsdens Solicitors LLP, was held at the Kirklees Business Conference at the Galpharm Stadium back in September 2010 and was an immediate success with many attendees requesting subsequent events. This prompted Sinead Sopola Marketing Manager at Ramsdens to organise an event co-opting both SMileS and The Media Centre to help and later become partner of this network. Since then the group has taken off and been a great success.  Feel free to learn more about Mynetwork and current events we have coming up via Twitter or Linked In, we always look forward to meeting new faces at the events so why not come on down and see what where all about  at our next meeting on the 20/7 at 10am at the Media Centre, Huddersfield.