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Kirklees College student lands Nestlé role

Working hard pays off.

Tom Davies, a West Yorkshire student, would have never said he was academic, but that never stopped him from working hard.

The BTEC scheme at Kirklees College suited him down to the ground.  It allowed him to work at his own pace and research lots of things until he understood what was required of each topic.

On top of that he had worked his way right through the Scouting group at 4th Golcar Scouts, from cubs to Scouts to Explorers and now a Young Leader.

And then volunteering for things like Golcar Lily Day.

Well it had all paid off with an excellent apprenticeship with Nestlé.  A great starting salary but more important is the investment they will be making in his further education. Working towards a degree qualification and working out of their various business units across the group (with accomation provided when at other parts of the country including Sheffield), the successful dozen candidates have a bright future ahead of them.

Good to see an employer making such an investment into their staff.

Have a look at what Kirklees College have had to say about it.

Well done Tom.


I love the snow – it brings people together

I know a lot of people hate the snow, but Sara and I love it.

SAM_6722 - CopyThere is the obvious, it is beautiful, and we are lucky enough to live in an area that is so enhanced when it snows.  And the snow deadens noise, also because not so many cars can drive the roads around us it is even quieter!  Lovely. There was even a skier yesterday going down our roads!

But there is a lot more than that.  It brings people together.

We love the family time sledging and building snowmen and having snowball fights.

But we love the effect it has on the community too.  I spent this morning helping two new neighbours get their car out of our road and up the hill.  Great way to chat and to get to know each other a little more.  A chance to look in on neighbours who are not so mobile and a chance to all stand in the street together in awe at the surrounds (even if it is to bemoan why the schools and colleges shut at the drop of a hat!).

Anyway, I hope you can find some fun in the snow.  Share your thoughts and tales.


MYnetwork feature in The Huddersfield Examiner

You can see the original copy of the MYnetwork feature on The Huddersfield Examiner website or see page 8 of the digital version of the Kirklees Business News. 

ME Consultancy feature in Business Link Magazine

ME Consultancy have featured in this month’s Business Link Magazine, to see the feature in full please visit the Business Link online magazine, pg 47

SMileS SMS feature in The Huddersfield Eye Magazine

You can see the original copy of our feature on page 12 in the Huddersfield Eye online magazine.

The Q. to ask to ensure you pick an SMS provider who best fits your requirements: Part 3

This is the final part of a three part feature ‘The Q. to ask to ensure you pick an SMS provider who best fits your requirements’, read part 1 here and part 2 here.

Do you know the practice guidelines for Mobile Marketing?  

We will help ensure that your SMS Campaigns abide by the Mobile Marketing Association guidelines to ensure that you are getting people to opt in to receive your texts legally, make sure you include opt-out in messages all of which will ensure that your texts won’t be regarded as spam and you won’t receive complaints about your texts. You can also use our SMileS Managed Service where we will cleanse your data – this is a process of stripping out dead numbers, incorrect numbers, landline numbers and numbers that opt out of receiving your texts. This will give you more accurate data and make the whole process a lot simpler for you.

If you’re interested in mobile marketing and want to know more about our SMS business text messaging service and SMS solutions give us a call on 01484 465160.  

The Q. to ask to ensure you pick an SMS provider who best fits your requirements: Part 2

Look out for the final part of this three part feature on Friday, and  if you missed part one you can read it here

What connection does your SMS Operator use?

Ideally you want to pick a SMS operator who connects through a UK SMS gateway. It is much better to use an SMS provider within the country you are sending the texts from. For example, if you pick a provider from outside the UK SMS gateway it is likely to reflect with a bad delivery report with many texts failing to get through to the recipient as the text has had to pass through different networks before being received, making it a timely process.

Anyone who has used the SMileS service will know how quickly are messages are sent and received, call us for a demo if you want to trial our services. 

Ask for some background information about the company so you can get a feel for the company culture and work ethos. 

SMileS are based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, made up of a team of 9 local staff that take its customers seriously. Providing a no nonsense solution for businesses and resellers alike, all services are web based and therefore accessible over the Internet enabling usability wherever you are in the world. As a company we like to go that extra mile for our customers, we are always on the other end of the phone to help you with any problems you may be experiencing such as setting up campaigns. In addition, we will help advise you on the best ways to approach SMS Marketing to help make your campaigns effective and ensure you’re abiding by Mobile Marketing Association guidelines. We are not necessarily the cheapest SMS provider but we make up for it by offering excellent customer service, read our customer testimonials and case studies to see what our customers say about SMileS. 

The Q. to ask to ensure you pick an SMS provider who best fits your requirements: Part 1

‘The questions to ask the ensure you pick an SMS provider who best fits your requirements’ is a three part feature that will be published throughout the week so keep a look out for Part 2 on Wednesday and Part 3 on Friday. 

What’s in their Product Portfolio? 

Discuss the SMS provider’s product portfolio to determine which approach to SMS Marketing is going to work best for you and you never know they might even have additional services you had not considered using. For example, SMileS offer a SMileS Managed Service, which costs £20 pro rota and by paying for this service we will manage campaigns on your behalf. 

Do you know about pricing?

Questions you need to be asking; price per text credit, set up fees, minimum orders, are there any ongoing account costs e.g. monthly costs, expiry dates on credits, processes for purchasing credits, price plans and lastly ask about the cost to your customers of receiving texts.

Here’s what you need to know about SMileS pricing:

Credits cost 6p but depending on volume the text price will reduce significantly. Credits range from 4p-6p depending on volumes. For full access to the system you pay £10 per month and our minimum order value is £50.  Credits will remain on your account until they’re all used up as we do not attach an expiry time to any credits purchased with us & your account will stay live until you no longer want to use the system even if you haven’t used it for months. Pricing will vary depending on how you intend to use the system, for example if you want to send a large quantity of texts the price per text credit will reduce significantly and the £10 a month fee will be waved in many cases.

Read the rest of this entry

SMileS SMS become book sponsors of the Little Book of Poems

SMileS SMS are the SMS providers for the Little book of poems text donation campaign. Little Book of Poems is a pocket sized book written in support of people living with life threatening illness, their families, friends and carers. All the money raised by the book goes to the fundraising (department) for Kirkwood Hospice.

In order to help raise funds for the production and printing costs of this book, Little Book of Poems have set up a text donation campaign where people can text ‘POEM’ to 78484 to make a fixed donation of £1.50.

In addition, to helping run their text donation campaign SMileS SMS has also become supporting sponsor of the book. Being a sponsor  helps to cover the print costs of the book, without which the book could not be sold to raise money for the hospice. There are two levels of sponsorship; you can become a book sponsor for £500 or a supporting sponsor for £50. Click here if you are interested in becoming a sponsor.