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SMileS Customer Case Study: Alexandra House Spa

Alexandra House Spa became a SMileS customer back in 2009. The spa already had a large database (1200 people) so they already had all the details needed to set up SMS Campaigns and customers were happy to opt in to receive texts. The Spa use our SMileS portal to inform customers about upcoming offers and promotions on treatments, events the Spa is hosting, inform customers of discounted appointments and to fill up any spare appointments they may have available. This method has proved to be a great success for Maxine as she can use the system as and when she pleases as the portal is online and straightforward to use which means she can easily operate it herself.

Maxine Stead, Owner of Alexandra House Spa said

“SMileS have been a great SMS provider for the spa – on the few occasions when we have spare appointments in the diary we text some of our clients with a very special last minute offer and we always get an immediate response and generally fill most of the appointments. It’s great value for money.

Our customers sign up to the text service when they complete the consultation form on their first visit. We also advertise it in our newsletters. They love getting a special offer and they seem to feel like it’s an added bonus when it’s a good price and also its last minute so it seems like an extra special treat. Generally the phone starts ringing as soon as the text has been sent!”


SMileS Customer Case Study: Bradford Theatres

Bradford Theatres wanted to use SMS marketing to help build a customer database of mobile numbers. In order to do this they set up a banner outside a large retail park situated along side a busy roundabout, gaining a lot of public attention. This encouraged customers to text in a “Keyword and Shortcode” service which helped them capture the data they required. Once they captured enough mobile numbers they were then comfortable in doing outbound messages to inform people of the latest shows.

Therefore, using the SMileS software was highly beneficial for Bradford Theatres as not only did it help them build a contact database but it has also helped them with their marketing activities.

Here is an example of the type of message they send out to customers “We’ve got an AMAZING array of comedy coming to Bradford Theatres. Click on the link for the full line up”.

SMileS Customer Case Study: Carpets Direct

Carpets Direct approached us wanting to use texting as part of their marketing activities however they didn’t have the facility of a computer, which would be essential in order for them to create an online SMileS account. In addition, they needed to create a database of numbers in order to use the SMileS software, they had the numbers but they were given to us on several pieces of paper.

It was with this in mind that we created the “Managed Service.” From dealing with Carpets Direct we recognised that many of our customers appreciate the benefits of what SMileS and text messaging can do for their business, but they simply don’t have enough time to manage their own campaigns or in this case the facilities. This is how the “Managed Service” came about as we realised that the friendly SMileS team could be on hand to help them out.

By using the “Managed Service” we could implement Carpets Direct SMS campaign on their behalf by setting up their account, creating them a database spreadsheet so they had a contact list to use and got the wording from them as to what they wanted their SMS campaign message to say. This process made it quick and easy to implement SMS marketing for Carpets Direct without them having to set it all up themselves and only took us about an hour to sort out but in turn made them a ROI £4000 worth of business.

“I wasn’t convinced text messaging would work, but I spent £59 and got £4000 worth of business. Great SMileS return” Mike Oller – Carpets Direct.

SMileS Customer Case Study: Huddersfield Giants

Huddersfield Giants use our SMileS SMS software to keep in touch with their customers. It’s a great way for them to keep in contact with their season ticket holders but through a cost effective and fast channel of communication.

The type of SMS texts the Giants would send out are messages offering various different discounts and promotions for up and coming games/matches. Their first campaign was so successful that they then started to contact the non season ticket holder side of their fan base, again offering various discount on adult and child ticket prices. Here is an example of a message that was sent “Cup Round 5 v Wolves – Sat 8th May k/o 2.30pm @ Galpharm Stadium £12 Adults £6 Conc. Junior Season Ticket holders free! Forward msg to fellow Giants fans!”

“The service from SMileS was first class and very supportive from start to finish. We look forward to working with them again in the 2010 season.” James Brammer – Huddersfield Giants.

Recently the Giants have looked at using our “Keyword and Shortcode” service. They are currently building up to using this for the 2011 season for fans to vote for the man of the match and also to enter competitions at half time.

SMileS Customer Case Study: Colne Valley Specialist Arts College

Like most schools, Colne Valley Specialist Arts College traditionally relied on letters or emergency notices to communicate school news. However, these methods were unreliable and time consuming. The school turned to SMileS to improve communication with parents, guardians and staff. The system is used for external communication to inform parents of any closures due to bad weather, school trip reminders, report reminders and internal communication for example, to arrange staff meetings.

“Our school has around 1,450 students plus 150 staff and associates. Text messaging is the best way to contact such a large audience quickly and easily. A huge advantage, and a vital part of our disaster planning strategy, is the ability to access SMileS service from any internet-enabled computer. We also needed something in place quickly and SMileS was up and running within 48-hours,” said Judith Franklin, associate head, Colne Valley Specialist Arts College.

Since SMileS was introduced, the school’s communication with parents, guardians and staff has improved beyond recognition. It now sends news, events and parent review reminders by text. Collecting mobile numbers for the database proved relatively easy. Many parents and guardians voluntarily updated their details as the text messaging benefits became obvious. Text messaging has drastically reduced post, phone and associated staff time costs. It’s allowed the school to fund the SMileS texting system from existing budgets.

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SMileS Customer Case Study ‘Total Fitness’

With 24 health and fitness centres and 165,000 members in the UK, Total Fitness needed to reach its customers with timely marketing messages. In need of a reliable way to send marketing messages that would be received and read instantly, Total Fitness turned to SMileS SMS text messaging solution online system.

For Total Fitness, the SMS system has proved invaluable, offering numerous benefits, including:

  • Quick and easy message creation
  • Low cost – much cheaper than traditional direct mail Campaigns
  • Highly targeted messages
  •  Distribution lists can be created and stored in the address book
  • Immediate delivery – perfect for time-sensitive information and promotions
  • Improved internal and customer communication
  • Reduced wastage and environmental impact

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Case Study:The Pharmacy Show use SMS campaign as a reminder service

The Pharmacy Show, held on 10-11 October 2010 at the NEC, Birmingham, UK, and organised by Closer Still Media, is billed as the UK’s most important Pharmacy Industry event. Closer Still Media reports that this year’s show clocked up a record attendance.

The event’s marketing team decided  to run an SMS marketing campaign to increase both the number of pre-registrants to the event and the conversion rate of pre-registrants to attendees.

Text messages were sent out three days before the event to remind pre-registrants to attend, and to prompt previous registrants to attend. The previous registrants were asked to respond to register for the 2010 event. Of these, 6 per cent replied ‘Yes’. Closer Still Media reports that 80 per cent of these respondents actually attended the event.

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Case Study: NHS use texting as part of their ‘Stop Smoking Services’

Public Health Minister Caroline Flint announced an expansion of NHS Stop Smoking Services.

Smokers who call the NHS Smoking Helpline will be offered the ‘Together’ programme as an alternative to the more traditional services. After registering a date by which they intend to quit, they will receive a series of supportive direct mail packs, text messages and call backs as they reach the key stages of the giving up process. The programme can be tailored according to the needs of the individual so they can choose what communication they would like to receive – and change their quit date if needed.

Ms Flint said: “We have already had a huge amount of success through the NHS Stop Smoking Services. By providing this type of innovative solution we hope to get more people to give up smoking and reduce their likelihood of developing smoking related diseases.”

The initiative has already proved successful during its pilot of 30,000 users. Evaluation of the programme indicated that nearly a third of this group had given up after six months, compared to only 5% of those going ‘cold turkey’. Users gave it an 85% approval rating

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Case Study: Starburst used the largest short-code in their SMS campaign in U.S history

Starburst’s created  “More Juice More Burst” campaign to engage teens by using their cell phones to text a unique promotional short code found under specially marked packs of Starburst Fruit Chews. Using the code J-U-I-C-Y (58429) across any cell phone carrier, and online at, users can find out instantly via a return message if they’ve won juiced-up technology prizes like a 42-inch flat-screen TV, i-Pod Photo and more.

With more than 60 million on-pack impressions, the Starburst Brand More Juice for More Burst contest was, at the time, the largest short-code, cross-carrier campaign for a consumer product goods company in U.S. history. Using packaging to drive the promotion, the company reports that online daily visits have nearly doubled since its April debut. Text messaging has accounted for 40 percent more traffic than anticipated.

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Case Study: How Dunkin’ Donuts use SMS Marketing effectively

Dunkin’ Donuts uses SMS marketing and it has proven to be a great success for them, here are two examples of the type of SMS campaigns they run and how they’ve been effective.

1st SMS Campaign


Entice trial of Dunkin’ Donuts hot lattes to high school/college age students in the Boston area
Drive in-store redemption of $0.99 small hot latte mobile coupon in month of October

In order to achieve these goals Dunkin Donuts created an SMS camaign. The SMS offer was sent to 7,500 targeted opt-ins.  Boston radio DJ’s invited participation; “text in to DD-123” each Thursday morning.  In addition, 400,000 Mobile Internet (WAP) ads ran in Boston targeted content.  Over 1,000 Dunkin’ Donuts franchise owners and workers were educated with marketing materials about how to help consumers redeem the SMS coupons.
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