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Business Profile: Janet Bebb (Social Progress Ltd)

Managing Director of Social Progress Ltd

Current Job Position?  Online Social Networking Specialist,  some would say a Network Tart and MD of Social Progress Ltd.
Best thing about your job?  I love to help people shine and brim with confidence in using online platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook etc. I like the flexibility my job gives me & the very best bit is finding out all about the people I work with – from all walks of life and different businesses ranging from cake makers, NHS suppliers, solar panel suppliers, HR Consultants, Recruiters, Printers, Coaches, Trainers, Marketeers, Web Developers etc etc etc
Worst thing about your Job? Not being able to support all the new start-ups & those small traders struggling to make a crust cos those people are possibly the ones who need the most help and coaching with online social networking and face to face networking.
Favourite Restaurant in Huddersfield?  So many to choose from – Bradleys & Nosh have to be two of my most favourite restaurants but sadly I haven’t managed to get to either in a while. Bradley’s make the most amazing Crème Brulee & I love the choice and variety of dishes at Nosh – always something new to try out!
Your best achievement?  Gosh – hard to say! Feel like I’ve achieved so much on different levels. Raised a fair old bit of cash for various charities over the years by completing 11 Great North Runs, 11+ Race for Life’s, completed an Abseil down the front of the Galpharm Stadium, a Tandem Parachute Jump from 13,000 ft, did a Static Line Parachute Jump from 3,000 ft and other ‘stuff’. Renovated a derelict old barn & lived in two caravans for 4 years while we did it with Hubby & 2 small children (both under the age of 5yrs). Lost 3.5st in weight which changed my outlook on life! And setting up my own company, Social Progress Ltd after being made redundant.
Interest and Hobbies? Skipping (1200 skips per day in under 11 minutes – I challenge you!) & Running (but sadly can’t do the distances I used to) – I’m training and getting fit for a Spartan Race I’m taking part in with a group of other ladies & gents in August 2012 – (Yes I know we must be mad!!!). We’re raising money for a very worthwhile local cause – Youth Routes an organisation that helps young people to achieve outside of their academic environment.I also enjoy music a great deal. Music is constantly on all around me and get along to as many live concerts as I can. I’ve worked behind the bar at Leeds Fest for the past two years to get free passes and some time out to see band like Muse, Mumford & Sons, Biffy Clyro, Bombay Bicycle Club, Dry the River etc etc. I’ll be volunteering for Oxfam this Saturday (9th June) to raise awareness for Oxfam’s GROW campaign and see Coldplay at the same time. And my favourite band of all time are one that you won’t have heard of but hopefully one day you will – Kassidy. 4 young guys from in & around Glasgow who play guitars and have wonderful harmonies – and they don’t look half bad either!
What do you value most about being a member of a networking group? The friendships you develop and support you gain through really getting to know people at networking events. Also I love to connect people with others that can help their business grow. That might be a business contact, customer or support agency they’re not aware of. As my dear old Dad would say “give freely and expect nothing in return” – that’s what networking is for me!

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Janet Bebb 


Social Progress Ltd 


I’ve had a checkered career from working in Financial Services for more than 25 years to Trainer, NVQ Assessor, Skills Broker for Train to Gain (government initiative if you remember it – funded training) and then this service transferred to Business Link and I was transferred with it! I’ve worked as a Customer Service Adviser, Team Leader, Change Facilitator, Business Adviser & Change Manager.

How did I get into what I do now? Well I started out using online social networks eg. Facebook to track what the kids were up to (But the kids blocked me – Tch! maybe the same for you). I found it relatively easy to navigate & soon understood it. Then when I joined Business Link, LinkedIn was seen as a useful tool to network and find out what was happening out & about. It was also a place to find new clients and build your network of useful connections.

As we approached the last 18 months of Business Link we went from just over 400 staff to just under 100 in the last 8 months. We had three rounds of redundancies and throughout this time I used LinkedIn to find and apply for jobs.  I also found jobs for my colleagues and passed these on to them. There’s lots of jobs on LinkedIn that aren’t advertised anywhere else & so by using LinkedIn you stand a better chance of getting that all important foot in the door than using more traditional routes. I did get interviews from this approach for myself & others – see my recommendations on LinkedIn.

I was asked to show others within Business Link how to get the best out of LinkedIn and then one of the external trainers asked me to show him how to use this powerful tool and said he’s pay me to do so once I left Business Link – BINGO! Lightbulb moment! I asked a few of my trusted colleagues for their honest thought/opinions (see it’s all their fault) and here I am!  Master of my own destiny J.


Business Profile: Clare Walters (Dovetail Divorce Solutions)

Clare Walters - Director of Dovetail Divorce Solutions

Current Job Position?  I am the director of Dovetail Divorce Solutions.
Best thing about your job?  I am part of a movement that is changing the way we get divorced. Instead of approaching it with a fight in mind, we are promoting collaborative divorce where you agree to part amicably and come to mutual agreement about the finances and the arrangements for the children. The reason that I am so passionate about encouraging people to look in to divorcing this way is because it means that you part on good terms and you can stay that way after the legal stuff is over. I call it divorce for grown-ups.
Worst thing about your Job? My part in the proceedings is to support people as they go through the process, helping them to see a positive way forward and this can be hard especially when children are involved: you cannot avoid causing them some upset and disruption but you can minimise the guilt and fear that they feel and you can be aware of the pitfalls and common mistakes that parents make.
Favourite Restaurant in Huddersfield?  On evenings off I like to go to The Foresters in Lower Cumberworth, it is a proper pub with proper locals and it does great beer and good food, on a summer’s evening it is near enough to walk to. What is not to like?
Your best achievement?  Is helping people to feel better, it happens most days and feels equally great each time! We each have a judge in our head that spends a lot of its time putting us down, this does not help us but makes us feel wretched and defensive, anxious and depressed. I get people to realise that we are actually doing the best we can and we have an opportunity to learn from our mistakes, this makes them go easier on themselves. We have to make a conscious decision to take this approach and keep practicing: old habits die hard!
Interest and Hobbies? In my spare time, and there isn’t much of it as I also run a company that trains therapists and coaches in mindfulness techniques, I walk the dog. This may not sound like much but this is a springer spaniel and if you know any you will understand: they are NEVER tired. I also have 4 grown children, three of them in the South of England so I am up and down on the train quite a bit.
What do you value most about being a member of a networking group? I love the connections you can make, once you sit down and really listen to what people do and what they are passionate about there is nearly always somebody you know who can help them.

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Clare Walters 


Dovetail Divorce Services 

Business Profile: Rebecca Littlewood (Council Tax Valuations)

Rebecca Littlewood - Office Manager and Partner at Council Tax Valuations

Current Job Position?  Office Manager / Partner at Council Tax Valuations
Best thing about your job?  Can I have more than one thing? If I can…Helping people and being successful in challenging their Council Tax Band, there’s such an amazing feeling calling a client to let them know they will be receiving a rebate! Also the challenge of building a new company from scratch, meeting new people, being able to help people and last but now least working with my husband!
Worst thing about your Job? Not being able to help as many people as we want to and not yet having the brand awareness we would like.
Favourite Restaurant in Huddersfield?  Oh there’s so many! Ciao Bella and Nawab…delicious! Great food and great staff, what more can you ask for?
Your best achievement?  To date I would say moving forward and actually opening Council Tax Valuations, being able to have a hand in running a company that is customer focused is amazing.
Interest and Hobbies? I love to travel. I really enjoy experiencing different cultures and seeing how people in other countries live and I’ve actually lived in Canada for a year. I love the French language and France, the wine, cheese and style of living, my goal is to one day retire there! I like cinema, films (I am a closet horror fan!), the theatre (I love musical theatre…and sometimes wish that life were like a musical) going for a good walk and just spending time with my loved ones! I also like to take pictures and collect postcards of interesting buildings/structures, I have found in recent years that I have a real interest in architecture!
What do you value most about being a member of a networking group? The thing I most value is being able to reach out to other members for help in areas I do not yet have a lot of knowledge in and helping members (where I can); with issues they are facing in their business. It’s wonderful to be around and to meet like-minded business people and getting to know them and their businesses. 

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Rebecca Littlewood 




I came to be a part of starting Council Tax Valuations after my husband Paul and I worked for another re-banding company in Huddersfield alongside our business partner Claire. We did not agree with how the company was operated and the way customers were being treated and decided to set up our own company with the addition of our other business partner Richard.

We wanted our business to look after the customers’ best interest and for Council Tax Valuations to be a company people could turn to for help and advice regarding their Council Tax. We decided not to ask for an upfront fee and that we would only ask to be paid by our clients once their re-banding had been successful and the rebated money had been received directly into their account.

We are currently working with clients all over the country and have just secured a partnership with Martin & Co Letting Agents in Huddersfield to look at all their clients’ properties with a view to expanding to helping all their branches across the UK.

We can help anyone who feels that their Council Tax Band is incorrect, we do an initial evaluation of the property to check if we feel it is incorrectly banded (with no obligation) and take it from there. The full process takes approximately 12 weeks to complete, from us receiving the relevant paperwork to the clients receiving their rebate. We currently have a 100% success rate for our appeal applications being accepted for review and can also boast a 100% success rate on our appeals being successful in re-banding our clients’ properties. For more information regarding Council Tax Valuations, please visit our website;

In my spare time (when I have some these days!) I love to cook and bake, mostly home comfort food but have been told I make a mean chocolate cake! I also like to travel, films & cinema, theatre and spending time with family and friends!

ME Consultancy feature in a Business Profile in The Huddersfield Examiner

Paul Robertshaw - Sales Development Manager at ME Consultancy Ltd

Paul Robertshaw
Read this article on The Examiner Website

A CAREER in communications was always on the cards for Paul Robertshaw.

Even as a student at Salendine Nook High School, Paul had ambitions to help get the message across.

“I wanted to get into the media and radio,” he says. “When I was young, I did a bit of ‘DJ-ing’ and followed some of the DJs on radio stations like Kiss.

“When I left school, I did a BTec national diploma in the subject at Huddersfield Technical College and passed with distinction, but after leaving college there were not a lot of opportunities to get into the industry.”

Keen to get into the world of work, Paul followed the advice of a family friend and got a job with Aspley-based Travelworld – at that time a fast-growing business in a booming industry.

He remained with the business following its takeover by Airtours until 2004 as help desk supervisor.

Paul later moved to Safe Style Windows at Bradford as telephone engineer before moving from a strictly IT environment to telephony as communications manager looking after £40,000 of customer accounts.

When recession hit, Paul took the opportunity for voluntary redundancy and joined his present employer, Golcar-based ME Consultancy, where his telecoms experience is being put to good use in his role as sales development manager.

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Business Profile: Gina Battye (Quartz Services)

Gina Battye - Managing Director of Quartz Services

Current Job Position?  Nutrition Advisor and Managing Director of Quartz Services. 
Best thing about your job?  Working with people on what they eat to help them achieve something that changes their lives. Being able to help people to get more energy and the spring back in their step is a fabulous feeling.
Worst thing about your Job? Early mornings! I don’t like the feeling of getting up very early yet find it is very productive when I do. 
Favourite Restaurant in Huddersfield?  Thai Sakon. They have amazing food, the atmosphere is great and the staff are very helpful and attentive. 
Your best achievement?  I don’t measure progress by achievement. I have achieved lots in my life so far but I don’t tend to talk about it. I like to stay grounded and in touch with who I am and what I am here to do. I will say, my mum is the most proud of me for being an individual and doing what I love to do. 
Interest and Hobbies? I like going off in our camper van and pulling up in the middle of nowhere to look at the scenery and drink tea. I love walking (hill walking especially), cycling and generally being active and outdoors. I like tai chi and focus on taking it easy after a day’s work. I play electric guitar loudly (when no one is in…). I take care of my tortoise and 3 cats when I am in the house. I love to read and expand my knowledge. I am passionate about crystals and have collected a lot over the years. I enjoy spending time with my loved ones and going off for day trips somewhere where there are good things to look at and appreciate. 
What do you value most about being a member of a networking group? The chance to meet up and chat with friendly, local people who offer great services.

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Gina Battye


Quartz Services 


I stepped into the nutrition business after a bout of IBS. I was suffering quite badly from this a few years ago; I didn’t eat regularly and ate badly when I did. This was clearly taking its toll on my body so I decided I needed to do something about it. I changed my whole diet and lifestyle as a result.

I went through a long journey and process of changing what I eat and how I eat. It was all self-directed so I made sure what I did was simple so I would stick to it. These changes had a huge impact on my health; I felt great and my IBS wasn’t noticeable anymore.

I have learnt a lot about nutrition, fitness and health throughout my journey and decided that I wanted to share my knowledge and experience with others. What we eat and put into our bodies impacts directly on how we feel, our health and our wellbeing.

I work with individuals, groups, schools, organisations and the local community to help them to learn how to eat healthier and change their lifestyles. I help people to boost their energy levels, look and feel great, sleep well, be more confident, live longer, eat healthier and get the spring back into their step.

The group nutrition programmes are very popular at this time of year. I am running the group nutrition programme, Launch Nutrition, in Huddersfield at the moment. For more information about this and to see what I can offer you, visit:

In my spare time I like to relax and unwind with family and friends. This usually takes me to unexpected and unexplored places which I love. I like to cook, to eat (which I do frequently these days) and to watch other people cook. I like to keep active and to get fresh air into my lungs daily. This might be through walking, cycling or pottering around; all of which keep me smiling.

Business Profile: Kate Goldring (Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice)

Kate Goldring -Partnership Development Manager at FMNCH

Current Job Position?  Partnership Development Manager for The Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice (Fundraiser/Professional Blagger)
Best thing about your job?  That they pay me to do something I adore! Also that I work with the most incredible team
Worst thing about your Job? Working at a Children’s Hospice can be upsetting at times, but the positive and happy moments far outweigh the sad.
Favourite Restaurant in Huddersfield?  As a ‘Leeds Lass’ I am yet to experience the culinary delights Huddersfield has to offer, however I have a passion for the food at Villa Farm Shop in Bradley, where I can often be found at lunchtimes!
Your best achievement?  Hopefully that is still to come with my work with Forget Me Not, however I was very proud to complete the Leeds 10k a couple of years ago and I foolishly signed up to do it again this year in aid of Forget Me Not. For anyone that knows me, you’ll know I’m not one of life’s natural athletes!
Interest and Hobbies? I have to admit, work does tend to take over when you work at Forget Me Not, but when I do have some free time I like to let my hair down with my friends and family. I am also a PADI qualified diver, but only brave tropical waters!
What do you value most about being a member of a networking group? It’s great to be able to get to know more about the local business arena and put real faces, voices and personalities to it. As a newcomer to Huddersfield it has been really useful to have such active networking groups!

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Kate Goldring 

@kategoldring @ForgetMNotChild


I am a Leeds girl born and bred… but I have more or less adopted Huddersfield as my second home!!

My professional life began after graduating from University with a degree in politics. I ended up falling into the life of an Event Manager working in a couple of roles which were a lot of fun, but definitely had a shelf life, so at 24 I decided I wanted a change.  It’s really important to me to feel like I am doing something of value, so the charity world seemed like the obvious choice.

After a couple of months looking at different types of role, Leeds Mencap came along and took a gamble on me as their very first fundraiser. I spent two very happy years at Leeds Mencap, working with some very special families and colleagues and I loved every minute there.

My next step saw me taking on a role at Eureka! The National Children’s Museum. Eureka! is a fantastic place to be and offered me a very different type of experience, working on a £2.9m campaign for a new gallery.  Whilst the people and the work was very rewarding, I always saw myself returning to a role that would allow me to support children and families more directly, which is when The Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice found me.

I have been at the Hospice for only around six months, but I can already tell you it is the busiest and most demanding role I have ever had. I can also say with 100% confidence it is the most rewarding role I have ever had.

The work the Hospice does is incredible, with our Care Team already looking after around 30 families through our Hospice at Home service.  I was fortunate enough to join the team just before we moved into the brand new hospice, a fabulous and inspirational place, so we are now busily readying the building to take children and families in 2012.

Once all the services are up and running it will cost around £2.5m each year to run the Hospice… so no pressure then. In all seriousness, there is a long journey ahead to make sure that future funding is secure and robust, but I am confident with the strong support of the community and local businesses we can achieve it.

So, if and when you see me and I look stressed (it’s all for a good cause) say hello and feel free to buy me a coffee, I respond well to caffeine and fundraising chatter!

Business Profile: Howard Rushfirth (Rushfirth Creative)

Howard Rushfirth - Rushfirth Creative

Current Job Position? 
Creative Director and co-owner of Rushfirth Creative,
Creative Director and co-owner of Schools Teaching Enterprise Programme Ltd. (AKA STEPteam)
Best thing about your job?  Being paid to do the thing I love most and do best
Worst thing about your Job? Not having enough hours in the day.
Favourite Restaurant in Huddersfield?  Being relatively new to Kirklees (I live and work on the Leeds/Wakefield extremities of the district) I don’t get over to Huddersfield that often, mostly to the MY Network meetings.
Your best achievement?  Being a major player in the creation and production of the brand identity for premium ranges of TWO major supermarket retailers.
Interest and Hobbies? The precious spare time I have is spent with my wife Kathryn and my three children.
What do you value most about being a member of a networking group? It’s essential for small businesses to ‘expand their team’.

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Howard Rushfirth


Rushfirth Creative


I was born in a small house in Garforth in the Spring of 1970. And after a spending a year or two of behaving like a complete baby (literally), I made an important discovery.

I liked to draw.

Everything went in through my eyes, spun around in my head, flowed back down through my right arm and pushed its way out the end of a wax crayon creating my own unique reinterpretation of the world around me.

No one asked me to do it, or taught me to do it, or even particularly encouraged me to do it. I just did it. And did it. And did it.

40+ years later, I’m still doing the same thing. Sure, during the last 22 years, the crayon has been substituted by a ‘mouse’ with a little picture of an apple on it. But the drive and the principle remains the same. I’ve illustrated nationally distributed children’s books (at the tender age of 16) and created cartoons for comics. I’ve created corporate signage schemes for big-name high street retail, banking and pub chains. I’ve created branding for premium ranges for several major supermarket retailers. I’ve run press ad campaigns and story-boarded for film and television.

And I still like to draw.

With my wife Kathryn, I run Rushfirth Creative, a small but perfectly formed creative agency offering a wide range of expertise for those serious about moving their business forward through good design. Design that not only looks good, but gets results within the marketplace. If you want to find out a bit more, our website is a really good place to start. I also tweet all kinds of stuff (and nonsense, on occasion) on Twitter. We’d also love you to ‘like’ and interact with us on our dedicated Facebook page. Most of all it would be nice to meet up- we try to get to the MY Network meetings whenever we can- so perhaps see you around!

Business Profile: Kathryn Rushfirth (STEPteam)

Kathryn Rushfirth - STEPteam

Current Job Position? 
Managing Director of Schools Teaching Enterprise Programme Ltd. (AKA STEPteam)
Client Services Director and co-owner of Rushfirth Creative
Best thing about your job?  The variety; no two days are the same. Seeing the work we do help others achieve their goals.
Worst thing about your job? Long LONG hours. It is hard to switch off when you genuinely care about doing the best job you can.
Favourite Restaurant in Huddersfield?  We (Howard and myself) perhaps don’t get as many opportunities for eating out as we might like. We must get around to trying somewhere over in Huddersfield sometime soon.
Your best achievement?  Being co-creator of STEPteam. We believe this programme can make a real difference to thousands of young people.
Interest and Hobbies? As a busy mum as well as the director of two businesses, time is always very valuable. Spending time with husband Howard the children is very precious. I would like to keep fit – but then wouldn’t we all!
What do you value most about being a member of a networking group?
As a small business, the social aspect can be somewhat limited. I enjoy having a natter with the girls at the events that Local Ladies and Forward Ladies put on. It really helps to keep things in perspective.

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Kathryn Rushfirth




Hi, I’m Kathryn Rushfirth, the co-founder of Rushfirth Creative and STEPteam

Born to organise – that’s me!

Always busy, always doing. Even at school I managed to juggle two jobs, A level studies without impacting one bit on my social life. At eighteen years old the idea of another four years studying just held no appeal at all so, off to Wm Morrisons I went as a management trainee, my first full time position. Having been part of the new store ops team and then the personnel department at head office for a couple of years, I then transferred to store as a department manager and ultimately a personnel officer. The hours were long but the team was young – and we knew exactly how to balance all the hard work!

Although I enjoyed work I knew that I just hadn’t found my niché.  I tried a sales role – but it wasn’t right for me at that time. University beckoned, and I gained a place – taking on a temporary administration position to see me through to the start date.

I missed that date by approximately eighteen long happy years! Having mastered and tidied up the wages system, de-mystified the sales ledger, introduced a new purchase process and sampling system, I moved on to production and planning, effectively becoming the external planning department for many of our main national and international clients. Keeping production efficiencies up, stock levels down, and profit levels, customer satisfaction and staff moral high was just a natural way of being.

However there comes a time when you simply have to just do it for yourself rather than for someone else. By joining forces with my other half, who already had an emerging design business underway, we created the successful young business that Rushfirth Creative has become. We specialise in branding SMEs and on producing bespoke original graphics and illustration. This varied and interesting role has brought me into contact with a huge variety of people and business types including education. This in turn has lead to the creation and development of STEPteam.

The whole premise of STEPteam is to inspire and raise the aspirations of our youngsters who are growing up in very difficult and uncertain times. The desire to be a footballer, footballers wife or just a ‘celebrity’ for its own sake is all too common – but let’s face it, that is where they are going to perceive real financial gain, what else is there? Our programme teaches year 5 and 6 students about the business world around them, culminating in them having the option to run a real working profitable business in school.

The feedback that we have received has been fantastic. The Prince’s Trust said

“We believe every child should have the opportunity to work through this unique learning experience as it really does give a fabulous foundation in business, plus valuable life lessons not readily available in a primary school environment”

During the next few months we hope to introduce the programme to as many schools in the region as we can before we launch it nationally.

Business Profile: Helen Davies (Bash Events and Occasions Ltd)

Helen Davies - Bash Events and Occasions Ltd

First Job? I was a waitress and Chamber Maid at a local restaurant with rooms (The Black Horse Inn, Clifton)
Current Job Position?  I own and run Bash Events and Occasions Ltd.
Best thing about your job?  Helping people to have the kind of bash they REALLY want, which is nothing short of fabulous, with the minimum of stress.
Worst thing about your Job? I love my job!  I only wish there were more hours in a day!
Favourite Restaurant in Huddersfield?  The Three Acres.
Your best achievement?  I’ve developed a very reliable and trusted network covering all types of suppliers across all budgets and picked up some glowing client testimonials.
Interest and Hobbies? I love horse riding and I have a horse named Mizzell.  We compete at local events during the summer and throughout the winter, when the nights draw in and we’re limited mainly to the weekends, we do lots of long distance endurance rides.  Our record is 26 miles!  
What do you value most about being a member of a networking group? First and foremost, I value the buzz that’s created when a group of like-minded people who are keen to help each other out are able to pass on genuine referrals to one another.  I also value the informal conversations that take place.  Group members tend to be very generous with their advice and are keen to support one another, which can be invaluable, particularly when you’re working on your own.

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Helen Davies 


Bash Events & Occasions Ltd 


Helen Davies

Age: 36

Lives: In Brighouse, with my Fiance

During my career to date, I’ve fulfilled a number of jobs, including Insurance Adviser, Complaints Officer and Training and Development Consultant, and the most rewarding aspects of these roles are underpinned by one consistent theme; I’ve always had a passion for delivering excellent customer service. For the past eight years, I have managed internal Communications for a FTSE 250 Financial Services company, and a significant part of that role is event management.  Having organised numerous events from corporate conferences to Christmas parties for between 50 and 2000 people, I know how exciting it is to prepare for a special occasion.  I also understand how daunting it can be.

Bash began with an animated conversation with a good friend who was organising their own wedding and who, over a cold bottle of white wine, pointed out that they wished they had someone like me to help them.  And so it began.

Launching the business wasn’t easy, but I’ve never been one to shy away from hard work because I know that there’s no better feeling than the knowledge that you’ve had a vision, stuck at something and achieved what a lot of people said was impossible.  Launching Bash has proven to me that if you believe in something – and yourself – and if the idea is a good one, then the sky really is the limit.

At Bash, we’re passionate about planning fabulous Weddings, Civil Partnerships, parties and celebrations.  Our commitment is to be friendly, flexible and affordable.  It runs through everything we do.  We don’t just help with the organisation of your bash; we relieve all the stress associated with planning it and are there to support you in every area.  We won’t take over or attempt to force our ideas upon you.  We simply provide a professional planning service that’s flexible to your needs and we’ll give you all the advice, suggestions and inspiration you need.

We don’t over complicate things.  Our pricing is transparent and makes sense.  We don’t charge a percentage of your budget, we simply charge for our time and rather than offer standard ‘packages’, we encourage you to dip in and out of our services as much or as little as you please.

We work with you to make sure you stick to your budget and source the best value for money on every last detail.  Our standards are high, really high. We only recommend suppliers who we like and trust, and who we believe will care about you.  And because we’re passionate about adding value, we pass on any supplier discounts directly to you.

Every event we create is unique.  Above all, our aim is to get to know you and help you to have the kind of bash you really want.  Most importantly, we make sure you enjoy it!

Business Profile: David Johnston (Temujin)

First Job? Bar assistant for an outside catering company (Gliding Gourmet)
Current Job Position?  MD Temujin Restaurants
Best thing about your job?  Meeting people and the challenge to succeed in a very difficult economic environment
Worst thing about your Job? Pushing paper
Favourite Restaurant in Huddersfield?  The Temujin, Milnsbridge (of course)
Your best achievement?  Creating Temujin as I had no idea how things worked in this part of the world
Interest and Hobbies? Mountain biking, flying, skiing, travel
What do you value most about being a member of a networking group? The support 
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David Johnston



Age: 45

Lives in: SowerbyBridge

Born In: Zimbabwe

Previous Jobs: Paper round, round Kilimanjaro! Sky dive drop pilot, full flying instructor, bush pilot, computer systems operator for stock brokers in London


Born in Zimbabwe where I had 2 restaurants but felt the need to leave in the late 90’s due to the political unrest there.

I have worked in the catering industry for many years. I am able to turn my hand to any thing and do believe every thing is achievable. There is no such thing as failure in my eyes only results and I like to make things work. I have plenty of passion for life as well as in what I am doing. I also understand the importance of flexible thinking, not putting hurdles in my way and thinking outside the box. I love new challenges, positive people and am always keen to learn, try new things and push my envelope.

I have 16 years of running my own restaurant business. 7 years in Zimbabwe and 13 years in the UK where there was an over lap of time whilst I exited Zimbabwe in the late 90’s and early 2000’s giving me experience in not only running two businesses at the same time but 3 restaurants stranding over 2 continents. The flexibility required in adapting to different cultures, systems, laws and by laws has been a brilliant learning and gives me the ability work in almost any environment.

Temujin Restaurants

Put simply we are specialist in healthy Stir-fry. It is an extremely exciting, healthy, entertaining and a unique eating experience. The main course is the main feature in the restaurants where you may go up to the fridge display (as many times as you wish) and combine either a meat, ranging from crocodile to chicken, seafood, New Zealand green lipped mussels among them, or a protein, tofu or quorn, with a massive variety of vegetables. Hand your selection over to the chef who will stir-fry it, using oils, sauces and garnishes, right before your eyes. The choices are endless! We have a wide range of great starters and dessert which can be chosen from the menu, majority of them being home made and are prepared in the kitchen and bought to your table.

At present we have two restaurants. Temujin SowerbyBridge restaurant is on the 1st Floor of a regenerated warehouse overlooking the very scenic narrow boat mooring area in the beautiful canal basin and Temujin, Milnsbridge, is located in a beautiful old works unit, showing off all its wonderful Yorkshire stone, supporting beams and wood work, making a great setting for the restaurant and spacious, plush bar.

Goals: I am working towards franchising the restaurants to create the best, branded, stir-fry and healthy eating catering company in the UK, to be recognized for providing great food, entertainment and fast, efficient friendly service. To arrive there I would like to create a prosperous, strong, catering company by providing unique, healthy, consistent and exciting eating experiences to all my clients in the form of restaurants, takeaways, outside catering and event catering using the Stir-fry concept.

Hobbies: My enjoyment time is spent mountain biking and I have a professional (Commercial) Zimbabwean pilots license which I keep current with the intention of using extensively in future years for holidays, general travel and exploration within central Africa.