SMS is still the most prevalent messaging service

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With 61% of respondents stating they own a smartphone today, 91% of this demographic reported using SMS regularly, despite having the ability to access different OTT/IM messaging services on their device.

The follow results where found from a survey on 1,000 mobile US device users:

  • 65% of the most prolific SMS users stated they needed SMS today with 45% of these saying they would be lost without it – even though they have easy access to OTT/IM services on a smartphone.
  • Reliance on SMS was particularly high among younger users aged 18-25 (79%).
  • When asked about preference of SMS over OTT/IM messaging services, smartphone owners said the main reasons for using SMS were core service capabilities, including speed of delivery (47%), reach (43%) and reliability (38%).

“The ubiquity, simplicity and reach of SMS continues to make it the messaging service of choice among mobile users today, even for Smartphone users that have easy access to SMS alternatives. What is interesting is that SMS seems to excel on devices that have been more commonly associated with IM services. Based on these results, we can see that price is a key consumer requirement that drives messaging behaviour, but can be eliminated from the equation when comparing SMS and OTT messaging service usage in the US, because of unlimited SMS bundles. We can also determine there is a long and healthy future for SMS, if operators get the pricing right and enhance the user experience” says James Israel, senior vice president and general manager for N. America at Acision.

SMileS Comment:

The findings of this survey identify that SMS is around to stay, even with the advancements within technology texting will still remain a key method of communication and more to the point one of the favoured methods of communication. Many business have overlooked SMS Marketing and Mobile Advertising as they didn’t think it would become such a successful form of marketing and therefore haven’t incorporated it into their marketing activities. If this sounds like the business you work for or own then why not contact us today to discuss how you could benefit from implementing SMS marketing. 

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