Public spammed by unsolicited spam messages

A recent BBC article highlighted the importance of ensuring you choose a reliable SMS provider. Please see our previous blog post to read this BBC article.

Mobile marketing has become a desirable channel of communication for businesses to contact their target markets. Many companies send texts legitimately by using a  reputable SMS provider and the texts you receive from them will be ones you have agreed to receive. However, there are some companies that are sending unsolicited texts by buying mobile number data, some unreliable SMS providers will sell on the contact data you have collected on to database companies.

If you are a victim of unsolicited texts the best advice is to ensure that in future you are careful about giving your mobile number out; read some handy tips for avoiding  unsolicited texts in one of our recent blog posts ‘BBC News – Fines threat for credit text message.’

The ICO and CCCS are taking a step in the right direction to help improve the reputation of the SMS Marketing sector as they are helping to identify those who are sending out unsolicited messages and put a stop to it. If the number of unsolicited texts reducing people will lose the negative connotations they have about SMS Marketing.

Do you want to implement SMS Marketing but have hesitated due to the negative connotations that have been portrayed about SMS marketing and fear your message will be regarded as spam? Well you can overcome this issue by using a reputable SMS provider like ourselves, we will ensure that your campaigns are legit and fit the appropriate guidelines. We will also help you think of the best strategy for getting your target audience to opt in to your SMS program meaning your texts won’t be regarded as unsolicited. If you want to discuss SMS Marketing further please contact us on 01484 911 912. 


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