With the rise of smartphones comes an increase in m-commerce activities

Article sourced from www.mmaglobal.com

BuzzCity, has today issued its latest quarterly report on the current trends dominating the mobile advertising industry.

One of the key findings has been the rise of the smartphone – smartphones now account for more than 32% of the phones that ads are served to.

According to BuzzCity’s report, mobile advertising in the UK grew by 157% across the past year, with the UK demonstrating strong growth (23%) during Q1. With increased smartphone adoption showing no signs of slowing down, there will undoubtedly be an impact on increased m-commerce activities.  Based on BuzzCity’s data the UK, United States Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Thailand and South Africa are in a good position for growth.  At least 25% of mobile users in these countries use smartphones and they are very active users, generating more than a billion ads per quarter in each country.

SMileS Comment:

Consumers love the functionality of smartphones as it allows them to stay connected and in contacted no matter where they are or what they are doing. Marketers have started to recognise the opportunity of using mobile marketing to communicate with their customers as it allows for multiple engagement. However, it’s important to ensure that you link marketing activities to mobile marketing. For example, if you wanted to send text messages out to drive customers to new products on your website make sure you have a mobile friendly website so they can easily view your website right from their mobile.

There are many different ways you could implement mobile marketing for example you have a mobile friendly websites, get customers to opt in to your SMS loyalty programs, create mobile apps, run mobile advertising campaigns including QR codes and use location based texting. SMileS provide a business text messaging service  and a range of SMS technologies, we have an online portal which allows you to send marketing messages and communicate with your customers via SMS. In addition, we also provide keywords on a range of different shortcodes which can be added to your marketing and advertising campaigns/material to receive inbound enquiries.

If you want to know more about SMileS SMS please visit our website to read more about our products and services plus you can see what our customers say about us and see how customers are using our SMS portal. You can contact us directly on 01484 911 912, email us at info@smilessms.com or text ‘SMILES’ to 67777 and we’ll contact you!


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