29% of marketers plan to use text message marketing in the next 12 months

Content based on ‘Surviving the current marketing mania with solid 2012 plan’ report by e-tailing group.

SMileS Comment: 

This report from the e-tailing group identifies growth within mobile marketing as 29% of marketers intend to use text messaging over the next 12 months which is far greater than the 7% of marketers that are currently using texting to send out marketing messages. Another, key statistics from this report is that 14% of marketers are collecting mobile data but only 7% are actively using this data as a method of communicating marketing messages with their customers. Surely this is a waste…If you’re going to take the time to collect the data then optimise it by making use of it!

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  1. Text message marketing holds two main advantages over other forms of business advertising, and these two are convenience and price. There are times when a situation doesn’t require making a phone call, and it is in such a situation that text messaging shines through. It is one of the cheapest forms of communication, and this fact adds to its charm.

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