2012 will be mobile tipping point

Article sourced from www.mobilecommercedaily.com

A Sears executive at the Mobile First Look Strategy 2012 conference yesterday said 7 out of 10 smartphone owners have either shopped or browsed on their mobile device, proving that mobile is an opportunity for retailers to drive sales.

Mobile is changing constantly and marketing strategies need to adapt to that.

“Customers want the best of both worlds, they want all the pluses you get out of digital and the ability to socialize. They also want to see the best of the physical world – the ability to touch. That’s what mass merchants and retailers need to do – bring those two things together” said Imran Jooma, president of ecommerce at Sears.

Changing world

Mobile is changing and marketers and retailers need to embrace technology.

“The mobile device serves as a glue to bring in the physical and digital world together, we must elevate the experience ” Mr. Jooma said.

According to Mr. Jooma, it is important to create a seamless and effortless experience for consumers. Sears lets consumers order and purchase items through its mobile site and applications and lets them choose to either get it delivered to their home or pick it up in-store.

“Consumers are looking for instant gratification and are savvy enough to buy online and pick up in-store.  At Sears we have roughly around 700-plus stores where there’s a designated parking spot and we can bring the product to you. There’s also a designated pick-up center where you can pick up the product if you choose to go in-store,” he said.



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