Mobile owners prefer SMS promotions, says DMA

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Mobile owners in the UK, Germany and France prefer receiving SMS-based promotions over other mobile channels, according to research published by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA).

The study, conducted by Toluna Quick Surveys on behalf of the DMA and report sponsor Velti, shows that 38% of UK mobile owners prefer receiving promotional offers via SMS, compared to 15% who favour mobile web. This is even higher in Germany and France, with 58% and 60% respectively naming SMS their preferred channel for receiving mobile-based promotions.

The Promoting to the Mobile Consumer report – which surveyed 4,400 mobile owners in Europe’s three largest economies, as well as the US – also found that 40% of UK consumers are interested in being contacted via mobile by advertisers.

“The mobile channel is not a homogenous market in the EU. Clearly, a ‘one size fits all’ approach cannot be used across different territories. Even within the same country, acceptable practices will differ depending on the demographics or products,” says Mark Brill, chair of the DMA mobile marketing council. “The key to acceptable mobile marketing is to understand the target audience’s preferences to ensure they engage with consumers in the way they want to be contacted. Taking this considered approach must be at the heart of mobile marketing best practice.”

The full report is available here.

SMileS Comment;

The results from this study should help many businesses feel more comfortable about communicating with their target market via SMS. Many businesses fear that the messages will be regarded as Spam and therefore annoy the recipient, but judging from the results of this survey as long as the recipient has opted in to the SMS program then they are more than happy to receive messages this way. In fact, in many cases this is their preferred method of being contacted.

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