Support the bid for the Green Investment Bank HQ in Leeds!

What is the Green Investment Bank?

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The UK will be the first country in the world to create a bank dedicated to the greening of our economy.

The Green Investment Bank will play a vital role in addressing market failures unlocking significant new private investment into green infrastructure projects. It will work to a ‘double bottom line’ of both achieving significant green impact and making financial returns. It will also operate independently and at arm’s length from Government, which will agree its strategic priorities.

The Green Investment Bank is one of a number of key policies which, together, will help meet environmental objectives and promote economic growth.

Bid for the Green Investment Bank in Leeds City Region 

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Soon, the Government will decide where to site the bank’s headquarters.

Many people feel that Leeds City Region would be a great location for headquarters as it is ideally located at the very heart of the UK and already has a track record of existing projects, including electric transport infrastructure, offshore energy, carbon capture and storage, and biomass and renewable energy production.

Leeds City Region can offer available, affordable office space and competitive staffing, recruitment and location costs. It also has a portfolio of high quality, low carbon buildings that could house the bank. Leeds City Region, through existing organisations, already has the skill sets required to assess opportunities and make funding recommendations, saving time and money on set-up costs.

Not only would the bank benefit from being in Leeds but Leeds would benefit from the reputation boost as a hub for financial and professional services and low carbon innovation, bringing jobs and investment to the local economy

759 people have already joined to support the bid, if you want to vote Leeds to be the site headquarters for the Green Investment Bank then get supporting this bid by visiting;


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