SMileS attending Yorkshire Mafia XMAS Party

For this year’s Christmas office party we are attending an event organised by the Yorkshire Mafia on the 5th Dec, at Saviles Hall directly opposite The Royal Armouries, Leeds. Although most events organised by the Yorkshire Mafia are for members only this event does not apply and anyone is welcome from offices wanting to have an XMAS party or even family and friends wanting to celebrate the Christmas season.

Time is running out to organised your XMAS party, so why not book a table for you and your team at the Yorkshire Mafia XMAS Party.

Take a look at all the information below to learn more about how to book tickets for this event and prices. 

You can come as a single or as a team/office. Tickets are £39.95 each which is a snip for what you get.

Tickets are available here:

It will be a cracking night out.
Monday 5th Dec, Royal Armouries, Leeds.

• Red Carpet Welcome
• Glass of wine on arrival
• Chocolate Fountain on arrival
• 3 Course Sumptuous Dinner
• DJ & Lighting Rig
• Themed Room
• Bars open 7.00pm, Dinner at 8.00pm
• Bar till 1.00am (carriages 1.30am)


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