How are Smartphone users using their mobile phones?

SMileS Comment: 

This infographic was sourced from the team at Tatango compiled data from the  Pew Research Centre Internet & American Life Project to understand more about how mobile phone users use their devices. From analysis of this research they created this infographic which we feel supports the idea of using SMS marketing above email marketing to communicate with your customers, as it identifies that your customer is more likely to read a text message than open an email via their mobile device.  Therefore, surely it makes more sense to use SMS marketing as there’s a higher percentage of it being read simply because its the most popular feature on the users phone whereas there’s a lower percentage an email would be read. Overall, you want your message to be communicated effectively to your target market, SMS is the fastest way to achieve this.


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  1. Hi Smilessms,

    This is a really great infographic, thank you for sharing it. It is certainly interesting to see where people are spending their time on their smart phones.

    I think it is interesting that e-mailing is at 76% I think about 12-18 months ago email marketing was at risk of loosing its appeal but with the increase of people using smart phone, people are checking their inbox multiple times a day.

    I also think as more and more people start to feel more comfortable in front of the camera and people start to use video mail over traditional text based email the 54% of watching videos will also increase significantly.

    One thing is for sure, people are using their smart phones much much more.

    Thanks for the great post!

    MyKirklees 🙂

  2. You make some very interesting points MyKirklees, I agree it is very interesting to see how people are using their Smartphones. In particular for us as a SMS marketing provider as it identifies what a great tool of communication mobile devices are for reaching out to your target audience.

    It also helps support the idea that SMS marketing is a lot more effective than emailing. However, I do agree with your point that with the increase of Smartphones people are much more likely to keep up to date with all their emails; as there much more accessible whilst on the go (i.e.when out of the office.)

    I agree that people will start becoming more comfortable with cameras; in particular with the introduction on things such as ‘Facetime’ on Iphones. This will also encourage more companies to include Youtube video links within their marketing messages as people are becoming more and more tech savvy. All in all making SMS marketing a great avenue of marketing which is current with consumer behavior whilst being a quick, cost effective and direct method of communication.

    Thank you for your comment, Gabby – SMileS SMS.

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