Case Study:The Pharmacy Show use SMS campaign as a reminder service

The Pharmacy Show, held on 10-11 October 2010 at the NEC, Birmingham, UK, and organised by Closer Still Media, is billed as the UK’s most important Pharmacy Industry event. Closer Still Media reports that this year’s show clocked up a record attendance.

The event’s marketing team decided  to run an SMS marketing campaign to increase both the number of pre-registrants to the event and the conversion rate of pre-registrants to attendees.

Text messages were sent out three days before the event to remind pre-registrants to attend, and to prompt previous registrants to attend. The previous registrants were asked to respond to register for the 2010 event. Of these, 6 per cent replied ‘Yes’. Closer Still Media reports that 80 per cent of these respondents actually attended the event.

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This type of SMS campaign is similar to the campaign we run for the ‘MYnetwork’ – a friendly and informal networking event which we are a partner of. Before each day/evening meet up we send out a SMS reminder to all the members who have registered their contact details with us. It helps people already attending the event all the relevant details they may need such as time and place and it acts as a reminder to members who may have forgetten about the meet up so they’ll be encouraged to come along.

Could you benefit from using SMS marketing as a reminder service to create a ‘call to action’ to your customers? If so why not get in touch with our SMileS team to find our more about the type of campaigns you can run, how you set up a campaign and all relevant pricing information.


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