MYnetwork draws in over 60 people at its latest meetup @The Media Centre, Cafe Ollo

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Yesterday, we had this months ‘MYnetwork’ meet up the event was a great success with over 60 people turning up, which is the best meet up so far. Since the new name was revealed for the group the event seems to have picked up even more momentum and has drawn many new faces to the event. This is a great sign showing that the ‘MYnetwork’ group is going from strength to strength and is a beneficial networking group to be a part of. One new face at the meet up was Maxine from ‘Alexandra House Spa’ in Huddersfield. Alexandra house is a great local business within Kirklees and recently came runner up in the Examiner’s ‘Business of the Year Awards 2011’. ‘MYnetwork’ is all about getting business people together in a friendly and informal environment which helps bring contacts together and encourages local businesses to work together.

At the next ‘MYnetwork’ day meet up we’ve had a few suggestions from members within the group. Firstly, at the next event we are going to introduce name cards; including your name, the industry you work in or place you work. The name badges will make it easier for everyone to network; in particular it should encourage new members to approach other members. We will also have a sign up sheet where members can put down their contact number. We can then add them to our system for receiving our SMS reminder system; before each event we send out a text to the members the day before and the morning of the meet up. This helps people within the group remember all the details they need to know about that specific event; for example where it’s being held, the date and the time it starts. Another idea that came from the event was to hire a professional photographer. You can also have your own professional photograph taken or you could even have photos with people you have done business with through the networking event, each photo can be purchased for £20 each. The photographer will attend a meet up as a trail to see if it is successful for our group, we may use him for the bigger meet ups we plan instead of just having him at every meet up. If anyone has anymore ideas for the networking group or if you want to comment on any of our ideas please feel free to comment or make your suggestions on this blog post.

SMileS also had an idea during a conversation at the ‘MYnetwork’ meet up about our new blog. We’re going to start a business profile page which will help us to encourage more people to read our blog and will make the content more engaging. The idea of the ‘Business profile page’ will be to take a different member from the MYnetwork meet up and do a blog with questions and a little bio on each person. Having a business profile page will help us promote the blog and will help the specific person promote what they do. The first person to promote what they do is Jane Mellor of Efficient PA. If you would like to have your business promoted through our business profile page, just let us know.

The next ‘MYnetwork’ meet up is at the Huddersfield Food Festival 2011’ on the 11th at 5.30 pm for more details follow this link;


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